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'Supernatural' recap: 'The Bad Seed'

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The CW


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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
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Scifi, Drama

So far, this season has had a great balance of darkness — literally and figuratively — and comedy, and tonight’s episode might’ve been its best showing. Without losing touch of the great evil that looms over everything and everyone, “The Bad Seed” managed to find every possible moment to have a bit of fun. Plus, it saw the end of what I like to call Zombie Cas, and you have to be thankful for that.

We kick things off with Rowena attempting to recruit witches from the Grand Coven to join her new, even better coven: the Mega Coven. (Hey, she said she was good at spells not marketing.) But when the witches refuse her, she kills them. So yeah, she’s still good at spells.

Meanwhile, at the bunker, Dean is still having flashbacks to his time in the storm with the Darkness, but Sam is focused on trying to find, well, pretty much everyone. They briefly discuss trying to find God, because he’d be a great help right about now, before focusing on those they have a better shot at finding: Metatron and Rowena.

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With Cas in chains — he’s still spelled and highly unpredictable — the brothers know they need Rowena to help him, especially after he begins seizing. But at least the seizure gives us this interaction when Cas comes to:

Dean: “Do you know where you are? What’s the date?”

Castiel: “Earth. Several billion years from the beginning.”

He’s not wrong.

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Another person the boys would like to find? Amara, who’s currently spending her days learning about all of the evil of the world in the care of her dear Uncle Crowley, who’s having her sit in front of a computer like a normal child. Only, unlike a normal child, she’s listening to Hitler’s speeches for inspiration. 

As for what Amara thinks of it all, well, from what she just told her reflection — otherwise known as the full-grown version of herself that Dean met — God’s vision for Earth was a failure, so it’s a good thing that “we are mightier than God.” (Seriously, now would be a great time for God to show up.)

Speaking of Earth, back on solid ground, Sam and Dean get their hands on Rowena just in time to lose Castiel, which leads to a lovely road trip, during which Rowena spills the beans about Sam’s deal. You know, the one where he promised to kill Crowley if she removed the Mark of Cain from Dean’s arm?

Thankfully, Dean can’t be angry at Sam for long because they’re too focused on stopping Castiel from killing an innocent woman. Dean succeeds just long enough for Rowena to remove the spell, but not surprisingly, she doesn’t stick around after to see what happens next. Now the guys just have to find Metatron before the angels do.

Back in Hell, a very hungry Amara has an idea of how God screwed up when he created mankind, but she won’t tell Crowley what her vision of a perfect world entails. Instead, she eats her way into her teen years — or is she pre-teen?

As far as I’m concerned, as long as Cas, Sam, and Dean stick together, we’re good. But what did you think of the episode? Hit the comments with your thoughts or find me on Twitter @samhighfill.