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'Supernatural' recap: 'Form and Void'

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Carole Segal/The CW


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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki
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The Supernatural-verse got a little bigger in this week’s episode, which picks up hours after the premiere. We have a new Reaper, more jerk angels (seriously, will Heaven ever run out of jerk angels), and a new final resting place for the Winchester boys after they die. Again.

First, let’s check in on Dean, who’s arrived in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, with Jenna (the police officer from last week) and the newly orphaned Amara. Dean gets them settled at Jenna’s grandma’s house and hits the road.

But the baby — who, don’t forget, was born with the Mark of Cain — levitates a tub full of baby stuff to the floor and shoots the blocks into a wall to spell out FEED ME. It’s hell on the drywall, but I bet lots of new parents would be okay with that direct communication.

Jenna and Grandma both freak, though (drywall’s expensive!), and Grandma threatens to call a priest. Jenna begs her not to, and Grandma responds, “Well, who are we gonna call?”

And because Dean’s the coolest, we all know how he answers when Jenna rings him up. He u-turns his ghost-busting self right around only to find an exorcist in Grandma’s living room. And ha! It’s Crowley in a clerical collar! “Hello, my son,” Crowley purrs, explaining that he’s known Dean since he was a scrumptious young alter boy.

“Really, Father Crowley?” Dean growls when they’re alone.

“I’m sorry, Agent Pathetic-Has-Been-Rock-Star, did I offend your delicate sensibilities?” Crowley scoffs, explaining that he’s working the case of the mystery baby, just like Dean, thanks to a network of priests and nuns who tip him off to possessions. But when Dean approaches Amara, she stops crying. Mark calls to Mark, apparently, and Dean flashes back to the Darkness woman in the premiere telling him that they’re bound and will always help each other. He doesn’t look happy about this.

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Now, to check in with Sam. He’s still at ground zero for the Darkness zombies and determined to find a cure because he’s secretly contracted a nasty case of the black neck veins. At the hospital, he hears a woman singing “O Death” as the shadow of her hand caresses the fingers of one of the bodies in the hospital hallway. Turns out, she’s a Reaper.

Her name is Billie, and she’s there to deliver Sam a message: He and Dean are done dying and coming back again and again. The old Death thought it was funny, but the Winchesters killed him. So now there’s a new rule: What lives, dies. And an addendum to that rule is that when the Winchesters die, they don’t go to Heaven or Hell or even Purgatory. No, she says, they get tossed into the Empty.

“And nothing comes back from that,” she promises.

Worse, she tells Sam she can feel him dying (Feel him? Um, hello, can she not see the big snaking black neck veins?), and she wants to be the one to pitch him into the Empty herself.

Hearing this news, Sam heads to the hospital chapel and does something he hasn’t done in ages: He prays. He’s okay dying, but Dean deserves a real life. Honestly, these two, always trying to out-Gift of the Magi each other. Anyway, Sam asks for hope and help and a sign.

Dead silence follows this request until he’s hit with flashbacks of his time in hell, involving hooks around his eyes. “What does that mean?” he hollers. Maybe it’s time for him to see an optometrist?

NEXT: Amara needed a snack [pagebreak]

Here’s someone not answering Dean’s calls: Castiel. But that’s because he’s being tortured by two jerk angels who want to know Metatron’s location. They scoff that he’s no angel of the Lord because he chooses the Winchesters over Heaven every single time. And you know, they’re not wrong.

Then hallelujah! Hannah shows up! The angel with the good sense to be a little in love with Castiel is back in the body of a stubbly man, and she puts a stop to the Cas-torture. But Cas quickly realizes she’s working with the torture-angel jerks. Hannah seems like she’s on the verge of admitting that despite Cas’s actions against Heaven, she’s still his gal. But the jerks pop back up, and the ensuing fight ends with Cas standing over three bodies, more broken than before.

Back at the hospital, Sam’s black veins have dared to encroach on his beautiful face. His vision’s fuzzy, and he’s hearing voices, but because he’s Sam, he staggers to his laptop. He may be turning into a Darkness zombie, but by God, he’s still going to research!

He recalls Billie calling him unclean, so he looks up biblical purification rituals that ends in him soaking gauze in holy oil and setting it on fire. A short course of flaming holy oil seems to clear those black veins right up, and he sets out to trap a couple of zombies to see if the cure holds for non-Winchesters. It does! Go forth and heal, Sammy! You’re saving people instead of hunting things!

Back to Iowa: Crowley explains to Dean that whatever’s in that house is old, deep, and dark, and he wants it. But by the time they come back inside, Jenna’s slit her grandma’s neck. Crowley diagnoses her as lacking a soul.

“Amara’s hungry, “Jenna explains. “She’s growing girl.”

And then Supernatural shows one of the scariest things in the history of the show: An infant’s face growing older before our horrified eyes. Yikes.

Soulless Jenna attacks Dean with the knife until Crowley finally gets bored with Dean’s life-or-death fight and kills her. As they move toward Amara’s room, Dean finally spills that he thinks Amara is the Darkness, and it’s his job to kill her. Ah, but Crowley wants the kid for himself, and he drops the civilized veneer he usually wears around Dean.

“I’m not your bloody sidekick,” he spits, giving Dean one chance to walk away before Crowley takes him apart atom by atom. Dean stabs him to the wall, then kicks open the baby’s door. Amara’s gone, though. And oops, now is Crowley.

Finally, at the episode’s end, the brothers reconvene. Sam is confused, as is Dean, as are we. Is the Darkness the woman Dean saw in the premiere? Is it Amara? It the Darkness all a vision? Is it Vision from The Avengers? (OK, fine, nobody ponders that last option.) They’re debating this as they arriving back at their Men of Letters bunker to find a weak, bloody Castiel asking for their help.

And we end with sweet little Amara, now maybe 8 years old and barefoot in a dress with a truly enormous bow on her behind. Crawley pulls up in a windowless van. It’s fitting.

“Want some candy, little girl?” he asks her, indicating the bound family of four he has in the back. Amara smiles the smile of a hungry little girl.

So what do you think, Super-fans? Amara’s got some big  — uh, little shoes to fill after child Lilith in season 3. Are you ready for another terrifying child besting our boys? And what are the odds that somebody named Winchester gets chucked into the Empty before this season is over? And have you ever seen anything funnier than Crowley sipping tea in a clerical collar?