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Supernatural recap: 'Ask Jeeves'

An old acquaintance of Bobby’s leads Sam and Dean straight into a supernatural game of “Clue.”

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Supernatural Recap
Michael Courtney/The CW


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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins
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So far this season, Supernatural has proven that it can still do drama, and with last week’s 200th episode, it reminded us that it still has more fun with meta than just about any other show on television. And now? We get a nice reminder that Supernatural‘s case-of-the-week game is as strong as ever. I mean seriously, they just played a game of supernatural “Clue.” What more could we ask for?

The episode kicks off with the death of some very rich woman named Bunny in some very fancy house we’ve never seen before. But when one of Bunny’s maids tries on her pearl necklace while picking out her burial outfit, Bunny’s ghost pays her a visit. And by pays her a visit, I mean that she scares her to the point that the young maid, Claudette, flips over the railing to her death. The kicker? The butler does not seem even remotely phased by the interaction (or the ghost at the top of the stairs).

Elsewhere, Dean and Sam have stopped for some coffee—in very tiny cups that I was pretty sure only looked that small because of Jared Padalecki’s hands, but alas, they were actually really tiny. But that’s not important. What is important is that Dean found a case when he listened to the messages on one of Bobby’s old phones. Apparently there’s an heiress named Bunny who left Bobby something in her will. The fastest way to get the Winchesters to your home? The possibility of money. (Food would probably do it, too.)

Once in Connecticut, the brothers go from drinking out of cups too small for “real men” to meeting women who are drinking out of wine glasses too big for, well, anyone. (But really, where can I buy them?) Inside Bunny’s mansion, Sam and Dean—no relation to the Westchester Winchesters—are introduced to Bunny’s family, who are all stuck inside the house for the weekend until Bunny’s will is read. During the introductions, we learn that the butler, Phillip, didn’t tell the family about the maid’s death. Instead, he decided to tell them she went to clown college. You know, the logical thing to say.

Sam and Dean’s reaction to the entire situation?

Dean: What are these people?

Sam: I think they’re called WASPs.

With that, Phillip pulls Sam and Dean aside—and Dean assures him that they know which one the shrimp fork is—he hands them a package with whatever Bunny left for Bobby. And the verdict is: She left him a necklace. But really, it’s a key. Wait, what?

While the Winchesters try to figure that out, there’s another murder at the mansion, only this one is done by the ghost of Bunny’s husband, Lance. So by the time the brothers get back, there’s a full-on police investigation happening, which means that they’re suspects and are not allowed to leave. Let the game of “Clue” begin!

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