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Supernatural recap: 'There's No Place Like Home'

Charlie returns from Oz, but she’s not alone. She brought along … another Charlie?

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Supernatural Recap
Katie Yu/The CW


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Sci-fi, Drama
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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins
The CW
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This is a show of few main characters and even fewer female characters, but Charlie is the perfect example of the strong female guest star who not only fits seamlessly into the show but takes the entire hour to the next level. And what’s better than one Charlie? Two Charlies, obviously.

Tonight not only marked Charlie’s return, but also was yet another example of how this show can take a great story—The Wizard of Oz—put its own twist on it, and then use it to forward the trajectory of our beloved Winchesters, whether physically, emotionally, or both. Combining all three of those elements—the guest star, the tale, and the underlying season-long journey—is what gives us some of Supernatural‘s strongest hours. Plus, sometimes you just need a fresh face to come in and give the “You’re a Winchester” speech. Shall we?

Last we saw Charlie, she was headed off into Oz looking for an adventure with Dorothy. And now? Well, she’s dressed in all black, she has a new haircut, and she’s beating the crap out of some suburban dude in a robe. Also, she says things like “Who doesn’t love a little torture?” The answer: The person being tortured.

Back at the bunker, Dean is on a 12-step program to better himself until they can get the Mark of Cain off his arm. Well, really he’s on a three-step program: no drinking, eight hours of sleep a night, and a healthy diet. Seriously, Dean just made egg whites. In other words, he’s counting down the days until he can remove this “demonic tramp stamp” so that he can go back to the three B’s of life: booze, burgers, and booze. (But no boobs?)

After hunkering down with some green smoothies and ridiculous amounts of research, Sam finds something. But it’s not Cain, and it’s not Crowley. It’s a video of Charlie beating up said guy in robe. Yes, the very Charlie who Dean says “wouldn’t hurt a hobbit” and “practically sparkles.” So what the hell did Peter Harper do to her?

After talking to Peter, the brothers find out that Charlie is looking into the drunk driving incident that killed her parents, the Middletons. Following Celeste—Charlie’s real name—the Winchesters end up at some court stenographer’s house, where their stakeout leads to one of Dean’s most philosophical questions: “What the hell is kale?” (Well, it’s the name of a contestant’s son on The Bachelor, for starters.)

When they hear a scream from inside the house, Sam and Dean rush in to come face-to-face with Charlie. As she puts it, she “should’ve known Rocket and Groot would track me down.” Quick poll:

After a few quick re-introductions, Charlie takes Dean down with a little leg chokehold, and Sam finds out that she’d been asking about some bank statements. The real kicker? She sliced Baby’s tire on her way out. And the real real kicker? Another Charlie just pulled up in her cute yellow car! And considering that this one says, “What’s up, bitches?” I’m thinking she’s the real thing.

So here’s the deal: There are two Charlies. During the war for Emerald City in Oz, they were about to lose when Charlie made a deal with the Wizard. She had to unleash her true darkness. And using the key to Oz to open the door to Charlie’s soul, the Wizard literally let her darkness out. Now, Good Charlie and Bad Charlie are still connected physically—you hurt one, you hurt them both—but that’s where their connection ends. Apparently Bad, or Dark Charlie, single-handedly won the war in Oz. But in doing so, she lost Good Charlie because of the things she’d done. Now, Bad Charlie is trying to win Good Charlie back by finding the drunk driver who killed their parents. Confused? Cool.

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