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Supernatural recap: 'The Hunter Games'

Both Metatron and The First Blade return as the Winchesters try to find a way to remove the Mark of Cain.

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It has been far too long since we’ve gotten a good look at the Winchester brothers, and tonight’s midseason return was a fine reintroduction to Dean’s path to darkness, Crowley’s family issues, and Castiel’s fake-family issues. Altogether, the hour closed a chapter or two, while mostly serving to set up what is sure to be the mystery of the season: How does Dean get rid of the Mark of Cain? Let’s get to it!

After a quick trip down the “Long Black Road,” we find ourselves inside Crowley’s nightmare, where some demon who looks a lot like that Dos Equis guy is leading a group of other demons in an attack on Crowley. And just as dreamworld Crowley dies, the real Crowley wakes up to the sounds of his mother’s not-so-soothing voice. Within moments, we get this interaction, and my love for these two is renewed for the new year:

When Rowena asks what she can do to help her troubled son, he responds, “Not a thing you evil bitch.” Her response? “Not a thing you evil bitch, mother.” #parenting

Above ground—well, still technically underground but just not as far down as Hell—Dean finally confronts Sam and Cas about what he did to Randy and company. Dean is very aware it was a massacre and that the Mark has taken him from being a hunter to being a stone-cold killer. But because the Mark reaches back to the time of creation, there’s nothing in the lore on it. Their only other option? Cue Castiel paying a visit to the punk rock, babysitting angel who’s currently guarding the gates of heaven. And out pops Metatron. Let the fun begin!

Once Metatron has found his place in the bunker’s torture chamber—or what should we call it? Supernatural interrogation room?—Sam informs him of his purpose here: Not only is Dean still alive, but he’s no longer a demon, and they need Metatron to use the “2 billion fun facts” in his head to tell them how to remove the Mark. But just as Metatron tries to make a deal for Sam to keep Dean “on a short leash,” out walks Metatron’s last victim, looking all somber with his dark flannel (and even darker soul).

Sitting cross-legged as only he could do, Metatron faces the angry Winchesters with his typical charm. Because the brothers have a special place in Metatron’s non-heart, he decides to give them the first tip for free: They’re going to need to get the First Blade back. And that, of course, takes them to Crowley.

Crowley, who’s currently dealing with his mother snooping around Hell in her full-length gown, is quick to agree to meet with the brothers, though he doesn’t love the idea of resurfacing the Blade. And by the time he admits that he hid it in his own crypt, Rowena has already used her magical ways to listen in on the conversation. Moments later, she’s manipulated Dos Equis to retrieve it “for his king.” What is it with these demons being so easily manipulated by her? Is Hell just meant to be run by a red-headed women? You have to admit, Abaddon kind of rocked at it. And now, Rowena is taking over. I mean, by the time Crowley gets back to discover that Rowena has killed Dos Equis with an angel blade—that she was hiding where exactly?—she manages to convince even him that she’s the one to trust. Seriously, you hellions, get it together.

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