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Supernatural season premiere recap: Battle in the 'Burbs

In ‘Exile on Main Street,’ domesticated Dean finds you can’t escape your past, while Sam discovers you CAN escape hell

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Michael Courtney/The CW


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Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Misha Collins
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Fellow Supe fans, I’m hungry for more.

After last season’s game-changing finale that had Sam jumping into Hell and Dean seeking comfort with former flame Lisa and her son Ben — followed by a long summer of wondering what exactly would become of the Winchesters — the season 6 opener answered our questions. But dare I say something’s missing? Let’s examine.

Time jump: Welcome to one year after Sam jumped into hell. Location: Casa del Dean, where salt is used as a seasoning (not a demon deterrent), where you sleep in a bed next to a woman (and not across from your brother in a grody motel room), and where your toolbox consists of hammers and wrenches and such (not an apocalypse-stopping arsenal). Oh, and you wear workout pants. (WTF!?…and yet…yum!) Sound normal? Good. It is. Sound like a life for Dean I-kick-ass-and-ask-questions-later Winchester? Nope. But is that bad? Well, that’s what we need to explore.

Dean didn’t seem too discontent with the idea. Since we last saw him, he scored a job in construction, made a beer buddy named Sid, took up golf, and started going to barbecues like a normal guy. The apple-pie life that Sam wished for him was all that and a la mode, for that matter. New Dean even showed the willpower to turn down a flirty bar waitress who hit on him. New Dean was “unavailable,” a family man and former pest-control specialist. “It’s kinda scary, actually,” said the man who had literally faced the devil of his new, respectable lifestyle. But like Sam’s once human-sized pectorals, Dean’s new life wouldn’t remain normal for long.

A hunter will always find a hunt — even if he or she has to imagine one. Actually, Dean didn’t know he was imagining and neither did we. The scream he heard coming out of the bar and the claw marks he saw seemed like the real deal. We should have known something was off about it all; Demons are the stalking type, while clawed monsters tend to attack right away. I blame my temporary confusion on Dean’s new camel-colored jacket, which totally looked like something a girl would buy for a guy thinking it looked tough. It doesn’t hold a candle to the cargo or the leather, though. Just sayin’.

Back at his house after an attempted Yorkie assassination, Dean prepared to bring out the big guns (literally) before getting busted by Lisa. He lied and claimed that that his Spidey sense might be off, dismissing his behavior as an overreaction so as not to worry her. Still, he said, he wanted to secure the area, and sent Lisa and Ben away for the afternoon so he could do so. Alone, Dean was cornered by a familiar face: the Yellow-Eyed Demon. Cue the collective, confused exclamation of the viewing audience: “What?!”

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