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Supergirl recap: Blood Bonds

Non takes Hank prisoner, and James starts to investigate Maxwell Lord

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Darren Michaels/CBS


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Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood
Action, Adventure, Sci-fi

What separates us from them? Who’s the us, and who is the them? Are we more alike than it seems at first? These are some of the questions that Supergirl touches on in tonight’s episode, which finds Kara incredibly stressed out in the face of all of these mounting odds. All of this pressure tests Kara’s resolve to continue embodying “the best of us.”

“Blood Bonds” opens right where “Hostile Takeover” left off with Kara and Non flying toward each other. Their battle in the sky features some very unconvincing CGI and cheating close-up shots before they come crashing back to Earth. Hank runs out of the building to help Kara, but Non takes him hostage and flies off. 

The DEO still doesn’t know why the Fort Rozz prisoners attacked Lord Technologies, and Maxwell, or Max as Alex calls him, isn’t any help. Remember, he doesn’t trust the government or aliens. So, Alex and the DEO will need to figure out things on their own. With Hank out of action, Alex is put in charge and becomes known as Director Danvers, which kind of feels right when you say it. Kara tries getting answers out of Astra but fails because she’s not willing to cross the torture line. Astra continues to tease her niece with the memory-ruining knowledge she has about Alura, but Kara tries to not fall for it.

Eventually, Alex receives a message from Non with an offer for a prisoner exchange: Hank for Astra. This puts Alex in a tough position, but Gen. Sam Lane storms the DEO base with an order from the president that he’s taking over command because the DEO needs someone who isn’t emotionally involved. Director Danvers willingly acquiesces to the coup.

Maxwell Lord told reporters that last night’s incident was a matter of corporate espionage, you know, like a liar. So, James decides to pay him a visit to find out why he lied. Their conversation doesn’t go too well because Maxwell takes issue with James’ close relationship with Supergirl and accuses him and the media of obscuring the real threat they pose. Although he doesn’t say what exactly he has in store, it’s clear he’s planning a major move against the Kryptonians. 

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Meanwhile, Kara tries and fails to convince Cat that she’s not Supergirl. Cat interrogates Kara about her past, and Kara’s ability to answer every question correctly further confirms Cat’s suspicions. This is apparently how Cat caught Lance Armstrong in his lies.

Back at the DEO base, Gen. Lane decides to use a Kryptonite liquid to torture answers out of Astra because he clearly doesn’t under the whole “letter of the law” vs. “spirit of the law” thing and believes the Geneva Accords (and tons of other international agreements) don’t apply to aliens. Kara barges into the room to stop him but can’t do anything because she’s weakened by the Kryptonite lined walls.

Unable to do anything at the DEO, Kara returns to work where James lies to her about what he found at Lord Technologies. When Kara is called away, Winn lets James know he knows he’s lying, and James explains he did it to protect her (because that always works) and convinces Winn to help him break into Lord Technologies to find out what’s afoot. So, medium-yay for James-Winn bonding time? 

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