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Supergirl recap: Red Faced

Supergirl meets Red Tornado.

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Everyone has a case of the anger feels this week on Supergirl. Kara, James and Cat spend most of “Red Faced” four, five seconds from wildin’, except one of them actually ends up losing their chill.

“Red Faced” is a nice rebound from last week’s lame installment. As I mentioned last week, Supergirl is at its best when it focuses on family dynamics and moments of connection between its characters that don’t focus on romance, and this episode definitely showed that off. It lures you into thinking Kara’s anger issues are tied to her crush on James, but then it quickly reveals there’s a deeper and more complex reason.

Like most Supergirl episodes, tonight’s opens with Kara soaring through the sky. It’s the only place she can find peace and quiet. Sadly, her peace is ruined by two drivers with road rage who almost hit a kids’ soccer team. Preventing an accident requires she total both cars, which angers one of the drivers, who tries to punch her. Supergirl instinctively blocks him and breaks his wrist, which scares both the children and the rest of the city. 

Naturally, this incident makes the news and Maxwell Lord uses it as an opportunity to hurt Supergirl in the press. His glib comparison of Supergirl’s incident to police brutality doesn’t work at all. 

Everyone else in Kara’s life is also on the verge of losing their cool. Lucy informs James that her father, Gen. Sam Lane (Glenn Morshower), is in town and would like to have dinner, which is something James isn’t looking forward to because the two men don’t get along. Then, there’s Cat, who is dealing with her mother, Katherine, being in town. Oh boy, is Mama Grant a character. She effortlessly belittles her daughter’s achievements and is just rather unpleasant. 

Agent Pierce Gen. Lane shows up at the DEO to request that Supergirl be handed over to his command to test Red Tornado, an anti-insurgent android created by Dr. Morrow. Red Tornado  Lucy Lane shows up at her father’s side and says Supergirl must comply with the order because the president said so. Really, Supergirl can’t catch a break from this girl. First, James invites her to their weekly game night without asking her and now this. 

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Game night is the only thing keeping Kara from wildin’ because it’s the one piece of normalcy she has left in her life. She doesn’t even let Cat, who takes out her anger over being ditched by her mother on Kara (“Don’t you think you’ve made enough of a fool of yourself over James Olsen for one day?” says Cat, revealing she’s not blind), keep her away from it. Kara heads home for the big night where it’s her and Winn versus perfect couple James and Lucy. Winn and Kara actually make a terrible team. The conversation eventually turns toward Supergirl, and Lucy says she was unimpressed when she met her. And Kara sits there trying not to lose her chill.

The next day it’s time for the big Kara versus Red Tornado fight, and luckily, Kara is aching for a fight. She unleashes all of her power on Red Tornado and wins the fight. Unfortunately, this beating activates Red Tornado’s emergency self-preservation protocol, and it flies off, which isn’t good news for National City. More bad news: Gen. Lane fires Dr. Morrow. 

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