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Supergirl-The Flash crossover recap: Worlds Finest

Crossover alert! The Flash pays a visit to National City!

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Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, David Harewood
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Guys, the Supergirl/The Flash crossover was fantastic! I loved the episode so much. If I could write this recap in all caps with the occasional gif, I would, but alas I can’t. It wasn’t a surprise that The Flash/Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) blended seamlessly with the CBS superhero show. Supergirl and The Flash are very similar in tone; they’re incredibly earnest, and, that shone through in “World’s Finest,” a fast-paced episode that was overflowing with heart and hilarious one-liners.  

However, before we get to The Flash’s characteristically speedy arrival, there’s a bit of plot stuff we have to go through. So, let’s get right to it.

“Worlds Finest” picks up where we left off last week. After Siobhan survived her fall, Winn takes her to the DEO to find out what’s wrong with her. Unfortunately, the DEO is unable to find any answers, except for the fact that she’s definitely human and not an alien. This lack of answers leaves Siobhan very frustrated and scared, but Winn’s there to let her know she isn’t alone. As she’s about to leave the DEO, she hears this high-pitched sound that puts her into a brief trance. Before leaving, she passes by Livewire’s cell, and hears Livewire being the worst.

At the office, Kara receives some love advice from Cat Grant. Borrowing from an essay she wrote called “The Lighthouse Technique: Shine Your Light and Let Him Come To You and Before You Know It He Will Be Docked in Your Port,” Cat tells Kara that she needs to stop trying so hard to get James’ attention and to instead make him come to her by making him jealous. “Try less, shine more,” she says. There’s something in Cat’s advice that may be more applicable to Kara’s other life. In the past few days, Kara has been trying very hard to win back the people of National City, going as far as helping a family assemble IKEA furniture.

Unfortunately, Siobhan shows up after hearing that high-pitched noise and disturbs the peace at the Cat Co office. Before Kara has a chance to call security, Siobhan unleashes her bitterness with a high-pitched scream that sends Kara flying out of the window. Don’t worry about Kara’s secret identity. A bright red streak comes shooting out of a hole in the air and saves Kara before it’s revealed she’s Supergirl. The Flash definitely knows how to make an entrance.

The Flash, who has been training to increase his speed, accidentally carries Kara way out of town and into the desert. In their first meeting, Kara quickly lets The Flash know she doesn’t need saving and flies off, dropping her clothes on his head in the process. “That’s a new one,” says the Flash. “I thought I was the impossible.” Supergirl is similarly impressed and intrigued by his powers. And, they’re natural instinct isn’t to fight, but to figure out what’s going on. When it’s clear she doesn’t know who the Flash or Green Arrow or Black Canary is, Barry realizes he accidentally traveled to another Earth and now he needs help getting back to his Earth.

Gustin and Melissa Benoist have so much chemistry together —which is apparent instantly. Both the actors and character have this shared joy that’s infectious and hard to resist. She’s excited to meet another superhero, and he’s enthusiastic about her being alien. (Too bad, J’onn J’onzz isn’t around, because Barry would’ve lost his mind.)

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