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For six seasons, Mike’s secret loomed over Suits‘ head. The show finally tackled it head on in seasons 5 and 6, and now that Mike is a full-fledged lawyer, it’s time to see what the series looks like. I’ll admit, I was worried that Suits wouldn’t know what to do with itself, but the season premiere more than assuaged my fears. “Skin in the Game” is concerned with forging a new a path, pushing Harvey, Mike, and the rest of the gang forward to face new and interesting challenges as they try to figure out how milk their lives for as much meaning as possible.

The opening moments of the premiere make one thing clear: Harvey’s got his groove back. “Skin in the Game” begins with our favorite lawyer driving a cool old car (I know nothing about cars). He’s a man on a mission as he cruises, top down, the streets of Toronto New York. That mission? To ask out Dr. Paula Agard. Was I expecting the premiere to begin like this? Definitely not. It’s nice to to know that seven seasons in, Suits can still surprise me. Short story short: Harvey charms his former therapist into saying yes to a date by telling her she was the only person he could think of sharing his recent successes with.

Unfortunately, Harvey has to return to the real world. When he gets to the office, he finds Donna, who declared she wanted more at the end of season 6, waiting for him on the ground floor with one request: She wants to be made partner. Or, to put it in Harvey-speak, her life is like this (down by the floor), and she wants it to to be like this (closer to the ceiling). This is something Harvey is definitely not ready to discuss yet; he still hasn’t even informed Louis that he’s taking over as managing partner. Nevertheless, he gives her his word that he won’t forget about her request. (Note: That doesn’t mean he won’t try to avoid the topic for as long as possible.)

Mike’s morning gets off to rougher start: He begins the day by resigning from his job at the legal clinic, which goes as well as you’d expect. Wouldn’t you be pissed if some guy you took a chance on jumped ship the moment his old, higher-paying job came calling? I know I would be. Mike is convinced that this is the best move — he’ll have the resources of a big corporate firm to fight for the little guy since Harvey agreed to that one-for-you, one-for-me deal. Unfortunately for Mike, his first case back at Pearson Specter Litt is a corporate case, which is the last thing he wants.

This week’s client: Neil Stillman, a douchey businessman who is unsatisfied with PSL’s recent legal services. He threatens to fire the firm unless they help sell his vodka business quickly. It’s clear that something sketchy is going on, but it takes a while for the boys to catch up. That’s mostly because they’re more concerned with hiring models for a party they’re throwing to find the right buyers for the company. The ensuing party scene features some of the show’s best Harvey-Mike banter in quite some time, and it reminded me how much I missed seeing these two work together.

Meanwhile, back at the firm, everyone’s worried about Louis, who was just dumped. He says he’s fine because he’s decided to channel all of his energy into raising the associates. That goes as well you’d think. When one of them asks for a day off because his wife is having a C-section, Louis — reminded of what he just lost — flies off the handle like we’ve never seen him before, and then he insults a female associate who comes to her colleague’s defense. Rachel witnesses the whole thing, and it convinces her that something needs to be done before Louis brings down the firm with a lawsuit.
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