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Warning: Dulé Hill is not in tonight’s episode. Yes, that’s a major bummer, but thankfully, the show manages to make do without him. “Brooklyn Housing” is an episode that’s all about integrity, as it explores the degrees to which Mike, Harvey, and Louis succeed at keeping their word and what it means when they don’t. The characters are pretty isolated in tonight’s episode, so we’re going to break down the hour character by character. 

Harvey Goes Headhunting

Harvey is on the hunt for a big new client, so he approaches Rick, the head of a renewable energy company, about representing him in a lawsuit against another corporation that stole his solar panel technology. Rick is skeptical, but he’s swayed when Harvey promises to stop his competitor from even going to market with this technology.

As I mentioned, this hour is all about how much is one person’s word is worth, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that Harvey initially fails in this endeavor. He confronts the rival CEO about stealing the tech, but that doesn’t scare off the competitor. In fact, he moves up their release schedule out of spite, which pisses Rick off even more.

Thus, Harvey is forced to turn to someone to whom he broke a promise: shady headhunter Holly Cromwell, who shows up early in the episode to ask Harvey for a job. At first, he turns her down because he doesn’t want to work with someone who crosses lines (**hypocrite alert**), but she calls him out on the fact that he broke his promise to keep what she did a secret. Now that he needs her expertise, Harvey says he’ll hire her if she can get some dirt on this rival energy company.

However, there’s one person who isn’t happy that Harvey is considering hiring Holly: PSL COO Donna, who actually has a say in who works for the company. Donna doesn’t trust Holly because of how quickly she flipped on an employer the last time they encountered her. Before drawing up her offer papers, Donna has a rather antagonistic meeting with Holly, who explains that she used to do her job with integrity and discretion until Harvey knocked that all down. This, and the fact that Holly delivers what Harvey needs to win his current case, changes Donna’s mind, and she offers her the job. Unfortunately, the meeting also convinces Holly that she doesn’t want a full-time job there. (Honestly, I don’t blame her).

While the show was definitely justified in exploring how Harvey fails to keep his word at times, I wish it could’ve done so in a way that didn’t involve returning to Holly, a character who, frankly, never leaves an impression. Every time the show brings her up, my first reaction is “I don’t know her,” and then I have to wait for the series to remind me who she is. Nevertheless, this Holly business does allow for an exploration of how this new power dynamic affects Harvey and Donna’s relationship since they clash over whether or not to hire her. Harvey eventually pulls the “I’m the boss” card, which goes about as well as it has the past few times he’s done it. However, once Holly turns down the job, everything cools down, which allows Donna and Harvey time to reflect on how they miss working through things together like this.
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