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Suits season 6 premiere recap: To Trouble

Mike spends his first night in prison, and Harvey, Jessica, and Louis fight to save the firm

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Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle
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“Nothing like prison blue to make you realize that the clothes don’t make the man.”

This is what prison counselor Malcolm Jamal Warner says to Mike during their first meeting. It’s a pretty meta statement, but it actually hints at the question facing Suits this season: Will we lose interest in Mike now that he’s no longer a suit, stuck in prison and isolated from everyone else in the cast? It’s hard to judge from the season premiere alone, but it seems as though Suits won’t have any problem juggling its two settings, the firm and the prison.

“To Trouble” picks up right where the season finale left off. Mike is processed through prison and receives a (much-needed) haircut as one of the guards walks him through the rules. Tl;dr: If Mike does anything they don’t like, there will be disciplinary action. Mike is going to have a hard time in prison because the guards, and his counselor, have no tolerance for his smart-aleckism. As punishment for not following orders immediately, one of the guards restricts him from leaving his cell.

While Mike settles in for the night, the firm springs into action to deal with the mass exodus. Unfortunately, that’s the least of their problems seeing as Jessica is served with a $100-million class action suit; they’re being sued for every case Mike Ross was ever involved in. Thankfully, Donna is able to track down their new business addresses, which Louis plans to use to serve each of them electronically — with some help from the IT guy, who didn’t leave. Because he’s Louis, he literally stands over Benjamin the IT Guy while he sends each one out, which is one of the episode’s funniest moments.

Did I mention that episode is really funny? Even though the episode deals with the seriousness of Mike’s situation, it still finds plenty of moments for humor. It’s the most enjoyable episode that the show has done in quite some time. But, I digress.

It turns out that the list Donna received was fake, which means they can’t stop the partners. Moving onto plan B, Jessica asks Harvey and Louis what they’re worth. But, Louis refuses to share. Frustrated with Louis’ selfishness, Harvey storms off and leaves Louis, Jessica, Donna, and Rachel to deal with saving the firm on their own.

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Louis and Harvey’s fight leaves Jessica disheartened and questioning her commitment to saving the firm. She has every right to feel exhausted: She’s been fighting for so long, and the double standard to which women are held hasn’t made her life any easier. She returns to the desk she occupied when she was a summer associate. (It was a smart move to pick up right where the finale left off. Setting half of the episode in the empty office has allowed us to see the cast interact with the firm setting in new and interesting ways.)

Rachel finds Jessica brooding on the summer associate floor and lifts her spirits by telling Jessica that everyone didn’t leave because they thought she was cold and manipulative. At the same time, Harvey, who received a similar pep talk from Donna, comes down to join them and reaffirms his commitment to the team. Her confidence back, Jessica decides she, Louis, and Harvey need to bury the hatchet by having a smoke break.

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