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Last week’s episode definitely dialed back the humor from the season 6 premiere. Thankfully, the funny is back in tonight’s installment, courtesy of Louis. Because this is Suits, there was a hefty bit of drama mixed in as well, and by the end of the hour, one of Mike’s newly formed prison friendships seems like it might be in jeopardy already.

“Back on the Map” opens with Jessica and Louis interviewing a prospective new tenant for the empty offices. But Louis ruins the meeting, as he is wont to do, with his ridiculous demands. It turns out this is the fifth potential tenant Louis has scared away, and Jessica is fed up — so she tells him he has until tomorrow to find a new tenant or the rent is coming out of his pocket.

Louis doesn’t want anyone touching his money and immediately springs into action to find a tenant. He’s been blowing the meetings because he doesn’t want anyone occupying his beloved bull pen. However, Donna, who is eager to help him, convinces him to look for companies that won’t need to really use the space, like financial planners — or Lesser Suits, as we’ll call them in this recap.

Louis isn’t the only one who receives a task from Jessica. She forces Harvey to meet with a potential client named William Sutter (Alan Rosenberg). Harvey turns him down the minute he gets there, though, because William is currently fighting the SEC for some shady business dealings and Harvey is tired of getting involved with people like him. (Aww, it’s nice to see Harvey has learned something.)

Naturally, Jessica is pissed when she finds out what Harvey did, and gives him 48 hours to find a whale of a client to save the firm or else they’re going to sign William. So Harvey turns to Nathan Burns, a bully businessman who has wanted to work with Harvey for years even though Harvey’s made it clear he doesn’t like him. Nathan relishes having Harvey at his mercy and forces him to jump through hoops to get his business, including making their dinner reservations and showing up on time.

Unfortunately, Harvey won’t be able to make that dinner meeting. Sean Cahill informs him that Frank can’t be transferred because he’s a federal informant, so Harvey decides it’s more important to race up to the prison to tell Mike. He tells Donna to call Nathan and let him know what’s up. Nathan cancels the meeting anyway, as William bought a piece of Nathan’s company and ordered him to do so.

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Things weren’t going well for Mike in prison even before Harvey told him about Frank’s deal. While Mike was working in the kitchen, Frank had his men attack Mike’s roommate Kevin. Mike finds a bloodied Kevin on the bathroom floor, but can’t do much to help him because taking Kevin to the infirmary would lead to a formal complaint about Frank — and prison isn’t kind to snitches. The one upside is that the threat of Frank helps Mike further bond with his bunkmate.

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