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February 15, 2017 at 11:00 PM EST


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This week, Harvey and Mike’s renewed partnership continues as they dive headfirst into their latest ethically questionable gambit. Unfortunately, in their quest to get Mike into the bar, they end up letting down several of their colleagues. Thankfully, the one person who doesn’t suffer too much from their shenanigans is Rachel, who has her own fun and enlightening team-up in the episode.

The risk of this going sideways increases at the beginning of the episode when Harvey informs Mike that he’ll have to run this lawsuit through the legal clinic to make it look legitimate since they need an admission of guilt to actually make the stock drop. Mike is unsure about this, as he should be. But, alas, he agrees to do it anyway, marches into the office the next day, and gives Oliver the task of researching every case that Velocity Data Solutions has settled. Meanwhile, Harvey forces Craig, a.k.a. the crooked New York Bar guy, to schedule a hearing for Mike.

Although Oliver kind of sucks in court, he’s really good at doing research and ends up finding six mining suits. Apparently, Velocity works in mining, and some employees tried suing for health complications from said mining; however, they settled and signed NDAs. So Mike approaches one of the employees, who is dying from cancer, and convinces him to break his NDA, which would break 150 other NDAs.

Worried about the consequences of what Harvey and Mike have gotten themselves into, Rachel shows up at Harvey’s apartment to chat. She makes Harvey promise that he’ll pull the plug on this tomfoolery if the risk becomes too great. Harvey gives her his word, but then immediately breaks it. See, Mike meets with Velocity Solutions CEO James Palmer, who refuses to budge on the NDAs and threatens to crush his legal clinic. So, Mike, thinking on his feet, lies and says Pearson Specter Litt is his co-counsel. That increases the risk even more because Harvey was trying to stay away from this case so that it didn’t look too suspicious. Obviously, Harvey goes along with Mike’s audible, but he’s not happy about it. Now that they’re in this together, this means they have to find a way to try 150 cases. Luckily, Harvey has 10 eager new associates ready to help.

Unfortunately, Mike’s gambit also forces Harvey to break his word to another person: Louis. Before Mike dragged him further into this, Harvey had agreed to partner up with Louis to indulge a demanding CEO of a couture company with a meeting. But, alas, Harvey backs out of that, which actually disappoints Louis, who was looking forward to partnering up with Harvey on something. And you really feel for Louis thanks to Rick Hoffman’s empathetic performance. Without Harvey, Louis decides to recruit Rachel and Katrina to help him.

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to hear that Nathan is not happy about what Mike’s doing, especially since Mike didn’t consult him about taking on this case or about partnering with Pearson Specter Litt. Nathan accuses Mike of trying to use this case to get his old job back at Pearson Specter Litt, but Mike says that’s not what he’s doing and reveals that he turned down a better-paying consultant offer to come work there. Yeah, that shuts Nathan up, but he still suspects Mike is up to something.

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