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“What do you do when someone has a gun to your head…You take the gun, or you pull out a bigger one. Or, you call their bluff. Or, you do any one of 146 other things.”  —Harvey Specter

Jessica and Harvey both have guns to their heads at the end of tonight’s episode. And, I’m not sure how they’re going to get out of it. (Real talk: This is Suits, so they will probably win in the end, but not without some kind of sacrifice). What’s even more surprising, however, is who is holding the guns to their heads and why. “Uninvited Guests” was, naturally, filled with a ton of guests, some of whom I’ve tried to forget and others I accidentally forgot about. With Hardman making his opening salvo on the firm, it was nice to see the heroes of Suits band together to fight this new old threat.

The partners meeting to decide Harvey’s fate is held at the top of the hour. In an act of humility that’s completely out of character, Harvey not only admits to his colleagues that he did punch Louis, but also apologizes for his selfishness up until now by reducing his compensation to the median amount and giving the rest to the partners. This humble act convinces enough partners to vote in his favor, and he isn’t suspended. Seeing his opening, Jack proposes that the firm accept Hardman back on a trial basis because he has just netted a billion dollar client. Jessica and Harvey object, but Master of Spin Jack frames their objections as wanting to keep money out of the partners’ pockets.

Speak of the devil and he doth appear, Hardman pays the office a visit right after the meeting to make sure everyone knows he wants his firm back and that he isn’t messing around this time. He means business, and by business, I mean Pearson Spectre Litt’s business. Hardman, after insulting her age, gives her two options: either she accepts him back with his rich client, which would put him in a position to kick her out of the firm, or he and his new client will start acquiring all of Pearson Specter Litt’s clients. Normally, I wouldn’t be worried, because no one messes with Jessica and gets away with it, but Queen Pearson looked worried throughout tonight’s episode.

Fast-forward through some Harvey and Louis bickering about whose to blame for Hardman’s return, newly minted partner Mike figures out which client Hardman is going after first, McKernon Motors. While Mike figures out how to save McKernon, Harvey visits the Bearded Man In Black McKernon Motors leader Dominic Parone (Titus Welliver) and admits that Hardman is coming after the company because of him. But, Dominic doesn’t care and agrees to stick by Harvey’s side. It seems as though Harvey’s obsession with loyalty is paying off.

What’s enjoyable about “Uninvited Guests” is that it builds on what’s come before instead of having the characters go through redundant character beats. For example, last week’s episode saw Harvey take some big steps in therapy, which he builds on in tonight’s episode with his two humbling acts. Similarly, Rachel’s wedding planning drama with her mother works because it ultimately ties into this season’s exploration of the sacrifices she’s making because of Mike’s secret and makes her wonder if she’s willing to give up things she’s dreamed about since she was a child for *love*.

Speaking of Rachel, while Jessica’s Army is fighting the good fight, she’s busy butting heads with her mother about wedding plans. Laura Zane not only wants to announce Rachel and Mike’s wedding in the New York Times, but also has guest list of 300 people that includes the Attorney General and the Dean of Harvard Law School. Although this is the wedding she’s always wanted, Rachel has to shoot these ideas down because they would open Mike up to too much scrutiny. When her mother pushes the issue, Rachel lies and pretends to be angry at her mother for making this wedding about her and threatens to elope.

Rachel hates keeping secrets from her mother and seeks out Donna’s sage guidance. Rachel’s considering telling her mother about the secret, but Donna immediately shoots that idea down because then her mother will be burdened with a secret she has to keep from Papa Zane. (Casualty of Mike’s secret: Rachel’s relationship with her mother). You know, that stripper from The Office episode “Benjamin Franklin” was right, “Secrets, secrets are no fun. Secrets, secrets hurt someone.”

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