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'Suits' recap: 'No Refills'

Trying to avoid an in-firm power struggle leads everyone into one.

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Gabriel Macht, Patrick J. Adams, Meghan Markle
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“No Refills” is an interesting episode of Suits that’s mainly concerned with partnerships. Structured around mostly two-hander scenes, the episode explores what it takes to make a partnership work, specifically what are the responsibilities of each participating party. You can see the conclusions it reaches coming from a mile away, but that doesn’t stop this episode from being rather engrossing. Also, Jessica spends most of the episode having to put the many outmatched men in her life in their places, which is always a thrill to watch.

Arriving at the office at 7:30 a.m., Harvey finds Gretchen already working. And, by working I mean, arranging for Louis’ shirts to be triple starched at the dry cleaners in retaliation for what he did to Harvey. Harvey points out to not even bother because he only plays tricks on people he cares about. Gretchen hasn’t been here too long, but there’s already a mutual respect developing as she admits to not having looked at how much she makes because she thinks anyone who does deserves to be fired.

Eventually, Jessica marches into Harvey’s office and instructs him to apologize to Jack Soloft because he’s a threat and she’s in no mood for a powerful struggle… Um, two things: First, Jessica, I love, but do you watch this show? All Suits is are power struggles. And second, when has you instructing Harvey to apologize to someone ever worked out well?

Everyone—read: Rachel and Jessica—is worried about Mike’s partnership with Robert Zane. Rachel’s scared Mike and her father will end up hating each other, whereas Jessica is worried about letting her firm’s biggest competitor get this close. At this point, however, Jessica has no choice but to accept the deal for fear of looking weak. So, she heads into the conference room to meet Robert, who has made himself quite at home (see picture), for the “power discussion.” (Yes, one of them actually calls it that, but I’m too embarrassed for the character to say who it is). Skipping passed banter, Jessica tells Robert that for the duration of the case he’s to treat Mike like a partner. (jokes!)

Jessica: You look at him, you see me.

Robert: You’re asking for a hell of lot.

Jessica: Now take your wing tips off my table and walk them out the door, because this is my case, and you either do it my way or you don’t do it at all. (Walks out of the room)

Robert [under his breath as she walks out]: I love you.

And roll opening credits!

Donna may have had Louis’ back when Harvey showed up at her place in last week’s episode, but that doesn’t mean things are okay between the newly formed dynamic duo. She’s upset that Louis put her in a position where she had to lie to Harvey. Louis tries to make it up to her with a music box with a twirling ballerina inside, but ballet can’t fix bullet holes—which says a lot because ballet is one of their shared passions. Louis promises to never do anything like this again then heads off to find Jack—who is in the kitchen making himself a cappuccino—to tell him he’s out of the war. But, Jack doesn’t care because the war’s done and he won. Dude, why would you say that? Your cockiness is guaranteeing that the war is not over.

And, a few scenes later, the war is renewed. Based on intel Gretchen gathered, Harvey decides to arrange a round of golf between Jack and Charles Barkley because Gretchen says he’s a big Barkley fan. Well, it turns out he lied, and when Harvey presents him with the invitation, he literally throws it back in his face. According to Jack, the bad blood between them is Harvey’s fault because he’s never treated Jack like a peer, only as competition. Harvey rushes to Mike’s office to enlist him. Unfortunately, Mike has the whole Robert-thing going on and is unavailable, which pisses Harvey off because (a) he clearly never learned to share, and (b) he’s clearly worried that Mike will leave him like Donna.

However, Harvey shouldn’t be too worried about losing Mike because he and Zane definitely won’t work out. The first clue? Robert calling Mike’s pop culture references “teenage nonsense” and declaring that he doesn’t “do that shit.” From the outset, Mike is forced to keep having to prove himself to Robert, who clearly doesn’t respect him and does exactly what Jessica told him not to by treating him like an associate and not a partner. During a meeting with the insurance company, the opposing lawyer threatens to bury their case in paperwork, but Robert says that’s no problem because a hedge fund is backing their case. This is news to both the insurance company and Mike.

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