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Anita Gibbs is definitely turning out to be Harvey and Mike’s most formidable opponent. As we saw last week, the U.S. attorney knows exactly where to attack to put the pressure on. She’s testing how far they’re willing to go to win, and thus, creating some tension between our two heroes right when they need to be unified.

We open with another blunted victory. A judge approves Mike and Harvey’s motion requesting Anita finally hand over discovery; however, she also grants Anita’s request that the trial date be moved up to start in two weeks. That doesn’t give Mike and Harvey much time, and to make matters worse, Mike finds out that Anita’s second chair, David, is one of his former LSAT clients. Harvey and Mike pray David doesn’t recognize Mike. (Spoiler alert: He does.)

Gibbs sets her sights on Rachel and picks her up for an off-the-record meeting. For some god awful reason, Rachel agrees to go with her even though she knows Gibbs is just trying to get in her head — and she does. As Gibbs puts it, Rachel has two options when the trial starts and she has to testify: Either she turns on Mike or pleads the fifth. However, if she chooses the latter, it could prevent her from being accepted by the bar and becoming a lawyer herself. To make Rachel’s life easier, Gibbs has an offer: If she turns on Harvey and Jessica now, Gibbs will get Mike into Columbia Law School (Go Lions!) and make sure they both have law careers when this is all over.

It’s sad that Rachel even considers this deal because there’s no chance Mike getting into Columbia Law School would solve their problems. By accepting that deal, he would be admitting he had never been a lawyer and that would probably open himself up to civil lawsuits from upset former clients. (I assume. I’m not a lawyer, but I do watch a lot of lawyers on TV.)

All of this is weighing on Rachel’s mind as she heads to a meeting with the dean of Columbia Law School. Sadly, that meeting doesn’t go quite as planned — the Dean accuses her of having Mike take the LSAT for her and let’s her know that she’ll be expelled unless the allegations are dropped. Obviously, Gibbs called up the Dean, who just happens to be an old buddy of hers, and asked him to do her dirty work.

The problem with this week’s focus on Rachel is that it’s just not that compelling. In fact, it’s quite frustrating watching her and Mike have the same or similar argument about her briefly considering if he should turn his back on Harvey and take a deal.

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But anyway, now that Gibbs has made a move against Rachel, Mike springs into action. Against, Harvey’s wishes, he decides to find a lawyer to help them to dig up dirt on Anita Gibbs, to go after someone close to her. Behind Harvey’s back, Mike goes to see Scottie for help, and she shuts him down. “I’m asking you to do it for [Harvey],” Mike says, trying to manipulate her, but that doesn’t work and pisses her off even more.

Meanwhile, Jessica, Jack, and Louis are dealing with the effect this case is having on the firm. First, a rival lawyer published an op-ed claiming one of the named partners must have known about Mike. During a meeting with Gibbs about improperly questioning a witness (Rachel), Harvey figures out she was the one who planted the op-ed because she uses the phrase “on God’s green earth.” Gibbs is clearly out for blood and is going after the firm until she gets what she wants.

Needing to prove to her opponents that she’s not as weak as the article made her seem, Jessica sends Jack out to poach an entire department from another firm. That plan fails spectacularly because not even a major pay increase can convince any group of lawyers to come to Pearson Specter Litt right now.

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