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State of Affairs recap: 'Cry Havoc'

Director Navarro is in danger, Nick makes major headway with Fatah, and Charlie discovers who the mole on her team is.

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Jordin Althaus/NBC

State of Affairs

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This week’s episode was infinitely better than last week’s episode. “Cry Havoc” featured real plot advancement, including meaningful contact with Omar Fatah and a reveal on who the agency mole/person texting Charlie was. It also gave us not one, but two offings of secondary characters. Ask and ye shall receive! Thank you, State of Affairs! The whole team showed some real life this week, and it’s episodes like this one that make the snoozefest that was “Ghosts” all the more incomprehensible.

We open with Stacy Dover, last week’s “new face of terrorism,” who is zipping up her dress after a one-night stand. She starts to search around on the guy’s phone, telling him she’s leaving her number when he wakes up and catches her. Good liar, that one. She heads back to her sorority house to dress for class, but instead bypasses campus and hops in a cab. She gets out at a nice home with a large white gate which opens into some wind chimes. As she walks toward the house, she clasps her horse-symbol necklace, pulls out a detonation trigger, smirks “Ar Rissalah is here,” and blows herself up. We have our first suicide bomber!

Five hours earlier, on the 7th floor, Maureen brings Charlie a bag of bathroom supplies and tells her she needs to hit the showers. Charlie’s spent the night in the office waiting on news from various missions. Lucas has been on the phone prepping the FBI to bring Stacy Dover in, but the real reason she can’t sleep is that Nick hasn’t made contact. Charlie’s sixth sense tells her something bad is going to happen.

As if on cue, Lucas comes in with bad news. The FBI is not going to bring Stacy Dover in. They feel there is insignificant evidence linking her to Ar Rissalah or any actual threat, and Charlie accuses Lucas of not pushing the FBI hard enough. She brings up the CIA’s Iron Rule: Nothing trumps the threat to the homeland. Info on Stacy is now front of the book, Charlie decrees! Let the president weigh in and tip the scales.

Unfortunately, Chief of Staff David Patrick has called in the FBI special agent heading up the joint task force on Ar Rissalah to sit in on Charlie’s briefing. David sits in the Oval with his signature smug look while President Payton tells Charlie and Agent Markey to work together to find the evidence to bring Stacy in. She’s not about to start calling in any kid who thinks participating in memes is funny.

President Payton holds Charlie back after the meeting though to tell her that the report on the convoy attack in Kabul will be coming out in full that week, and it could be very bad news once the country learns that it was a CIA weapon that killed Aaron, (her son, and Charlie’s former fiance—since it’s been a couple of weeks since we’ve addressed the Aaron situation). Bellerophon is clean, Charlie assures her, but Payton questions if she should actually trust her team. “It’s always those closest to us whose betrayal we can’t see.” Wise words, considering the source.

Charlie goes to tell Navarro about the texts she’d received, and about how they stopped after she told POTUS about her connection to Fatah. She also shows Navarro the damning photo—the one of her, Nick and Fatah. Charlie has underestimated the harm that photo will do if released in the report though. She thinks it will compromise the mission, but Navarro assures her it will kill the mission entirely. It will be erased from all formal records, and Nick along with it. If this photo is released, Nick will be left for dead in the field.

Navarro decides to polygraph everyone on the Bellerophon team—i.e. Charlie’s team: Kurt, Dash, Maureen and Lucas. Navarro heads to a safe house with his security guy, Brian. “Is there anything more boring than a safe house?” Brian chides him. “Well, hide in plain sight,” Navarro responds. Hmmm, that sounds familiar… And speaking of familiar, this Brian and his American flag phone cover and “you should totally let me take you out at night, because college girls, man!” security guy is definitely Stacy’s last fling. Dramatic confirmation? Navarro grazes the wind chimes on the way in the gate.

NEXT: Who is going to bomb their polygraph test, and what exactly is Senator Green’s agenda?