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State of Affairs recap: 'Ghosts'

Jack Dawkins is in danger, Nick reveals a hidden talent, and Charlie works her way back into the President’s inner circle.

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State Of Affairs
Jordin Althaus/NBC

State of Affairs

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What a snoozefest. I’m sorry guys, but this week’s episode didn’t chart on any level of intrigue or suspense. At one point, after listening to Charlie yammer on about something, Kurt literally says, “I couldn’t care less.” Kurt is this week’s spirit animal. That’s how I felt during this whole episode. I spent half of it wishing that they would just go ahead and kill off any major character so that they could reboot some part of the storyline. No dice, folks. The show’s ratings are in the gutter, and this week’s offerings aren’t going to help matters.

Our long-abandoned hero Jack Dawkins has been held captive in a Panamanian prison. He refuses to acknowledge his CIA affiliation, instead claiming only to be an aid worker who came to the country to deliver smallpox vaccines. While being questioned, for the umpteenth time we can assume, he’s offered a free pass to walk out if he admits he’s CIA. It’s obviously a trap, as anyone who has ever watched any kind of espionage film (or actually been CIA-trained) can tell you. Jack doesn’t take the bait.

Later that night, he’s hanging in his cell when gunfire starts up. Armed men storm the prison, killing the guards and yelling, “Find the American, he’s worth a lot of money.” There was an awful lot of smoke and slow-mo, but so little suspense. We all know Jack’s going to be okay, right? Like, he’s not even going to get tortured like Nick might/has.

It’s 1:15 a.m. in D.C., and Charlie is having trouble getting out of bed (jet-lag and heartache, likely—seems like the absence of Nick has cured her of her wild-child ways from episode 1). Her debriefing from her trip is this morning. This is how it goes:

“So, you killed a guy who may or may not have been Qatar security.”

“He wasn’t.”

“Can you verify that?”

“Nope, sure can’t.”

“Ok! Well, stay out of trouble. Have fun back in the office!”

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