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Sons of Anarchy recap: 'The Separation of Crows'

Jax searches for the rat, while deciding how to handle Marks’s demands for Bobby’s return.

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Sons Of Anarchy Recap
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Sons of Anarchy

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Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perelman, Katey Sagal

It’s always nice when an episode of Sons can be remembered for the beauty as much as the brutality. In the former category, you have those rooftop shots of Jax and Chibs, which were particularly gorgeous at night; in the latter, there’s dead birds in Gemma’s bed, Jax shooting Jury, and, of course, Bobby losing the fingers on his clutch hand. In many ways, that was more upsetting than the loss of his eye—because we know from Clay’s battle with arthritis that if a Son can’t ride, he’s out of the club. (That said, if Jax is considering changing the bylaws to patch in the Grim Bastards, couldn’t he also make an amendment to allow a guy maimed on club business to keep his cut?) Let’s dig in.

• The opening montage: A mournful violin takes the lead on an instrumental cover of “All Along the Watchtower” as Jax and his prison white sneakers sit alone on the Red Woody roof at sunrise. Gemma and Nero are still up at the cabin helping the junkie mother. Abel is out of bed early coloring quietly when Wendy comes into the boys’ room. Juice gets served breakfast in his cell (yes, with juice) and says he’s ready to talk, while Bobby is served his meal with a pack of smokes and tells Moses the club won’t give him s–t, so he might as well kill him now. “Due process,” Moses responds. Unser, the man who’s been looking death in the eye a lot longer than Bobby, has a smoke at his Airstream while staring at the charred clubhouse.

• The pep talk: Chibs finally joins Jax on the roof, and it’s an important scene to keep fans on Jax’s side. Now he’s the underdog. He admits he didn’t see this coming—that he underestimated August, who is smarter than he is because he has no family or vulnerabilities to be exploited. Jax is ready to throw in the towel, and Chibs reminds him that Bobby knew the risks—they all do—and that if he caves now, everything they’ve done over the past few weeks will be for nothing. It already is for nothing, we think at home, because of Gemma’s lie. I remember Tommy Flanagan (Chibs) saying he wondered how the club members, who also love Gem, would react when they find out she killed Tara and set this body count in motion. Now that Bobby has been hurt, I think they’ll want her punished severely. As much as they honor the matriarch, they value their brothers more. It’s the first moment I truly believed Gemma will have to die; banishing her to live without her family or the guys won’t be enough.

Nothing has changed, Chibs tells Jax: They started this mission for Tara, and dealing with Marks has just become a part of it. That’s how he needs Jax to think about it because they need their leader. With that, the two exchange “I love you”s using their real names (because again, that’s when people really mean it on this show), and Jax steels himself for battle. Tyler arrives at Red Woody to deliver intel on Moses: He’s ex-special ops, a Blackwater graduate just like his team. Serious business. Marks wants the pastor’s body and his family, and every 24 hours he has to wait, Moses will cut off another part of Bobby. Jittery Tyler is getting extra nervous now with the Kill Squad around. He’s worried they’ll soon put together that he’s helping SAMCRO. Why does Jax trust Tyler? At this point, if Tyler were to come clean to Moses or Marks, would they kill him anyway? He agrees to have the Niners look for where Moses is holding Bobby, and you can’t help but think, FOR WHAT? Does Jax really believe the other clubs and the Niners are going to go up against a special ops team? That’s Jax’s only hope, right—beating Marks with numbers?

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