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Sons of Anarchy recap: 'You Are My Sunshine'

As Jax makes a bold move for the club, Tara makes a bold move for her family; Also, Juicey cries

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Prashant Gupta/FX

Sons of Anarchy

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Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perelman, Katey Sagal

Watching the last half of this episode — which sets us up for what I fear will be a heartbreaking season 6 finale and a bloody season 7 — I had that same sense of uneasiness you feel when you’re nauseated. That constant feeling that something bad could happen at any moment and you have no control over it. That feeling you pray will just end. Of course, we don’t want this season to end because we know it’s not going to end well. Not now. Tara has left with the kids and everyone thinks she’s turned rat.

She’s smart, but was she prepared for that? Do you think she intended to drive to the DA’s office and changed her mind when Abel asked if his daddy would be where they were going? Or did she really take the bullet hoping she’d be able to hold it over Jax so he’d let her and the boys go free? Did you feel more sad for Tara or Jax at the end? We’d just watched him orchestrate the slaughter of Lin’s crew. Even if he did it to get away from the violence and save Happy’s life, that’s a lot of blood on daddy’s hands. Let’s dig in.

We opened with Jax meeting with DA Patterson and trying to convince her he’d used a bulls–t diversion during Clay’s breakout¬†to spare her even more cops in body bags. As Jax told the guys, she knows she was played, but she also knows he delivered on his end of the deal. The media is reporting that she’s found the devil behind the school shooting. Tig, meanwhile, has discovered his new comedy partner in Juice’s absence — Montez. “I’m all over it, like jizz on his mama,” Tig said when Jax asked him if he was ready to meet the Irish at Wahewa. “Hey, my mama’s dead, man,” Montez said. “That won’t stop him,” Jax deadpanned. (Is that our first necrophiliac joke since season 1?) “Let’s go, Tattoo,” Tig said to the shorter Montez. “Blow me, Boss,” Montez quipped. Enjoy the laughs when you can, folks.

Juice was on Tara Watch 2013. Before Bobby woke up just along enough to thank her for saving him, she fielded a call from the DA, who said the deal for Witness Protection is a go if she produced the bullet. They decided to meet at Tara’s office. Meanwhile, Unser had arrived at Gemma’s house to burn his hand trying to plate the scrambled eggs Abel was too depressed to eat. “Where’s mommy?” he asked. (Abel is at his most convincing when he doesn’t speak.) Jax and Chibs were off meeting with Connor and learning that the BBC has picked up Galen’s death. He told the Kings Jax’s version of its cause, but he hadn’t broached the subject of August Marks yet. The first time I watched this episode, I didn’t pick up on the significance of Jax and Chibs planting the seed that Lin might hit the gun warehouse now that news of Galen’s demise is out. Cut to Tig, Quinn, and Montez popping by the barn to make sure the guns got there okay. The two transfers each popped an Irishman and the blood splatter reached Tig’s face. “Not the hair, man. Not the hair. Come on. Come on,” he told Montez after putting a couple more rounds in each body to make it look more dramatic. You just know that Kim Coates leaning into his face’s reflection on the truck at the end of that line wasn’t scripted. And that’s why we adore him.

The elder Lin and his crew showed up at the barn, and Jax and the boys were there to greet them. He was pissed that they’d killed the Irish and not given him the personal satisfaction of avenging his dead man and injured nephew. He said he’d only let Happy live if Jax delivered Galen’s No. 2, Connor. Jax seemed pissed, but was it his plan to call in Marks all along? Or did it just come to him at that moment?

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