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Sons of Anarchy recap: 'Aon Rud Persanta'

SAMCRO puts the nail in the crowded coffin of its ties to the Irish

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Sons Of Anarchy 611 Recap
Prashant Gupta/FX

Sons of Anarchy

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Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perelman, Katey Sagal

Spoiler alert! Yes, that’s obvious. This is a recap. But with an episode this huge, it’s worth stating: Do not jump the gun and read this before watching the episode if you’re a fan. You’ll miss out on more than one gasp. Kurt Sutter spoke with EW about the biggest shocker — as did Ron Perlman.

Okay, we all suspected it was coming for two seasons, but it was surprising that it finally happened: Clay Morrow is dead, shot by Jax with the unanimous support of the club after Jax also killed Galen, just as that smiling Irish prick was ready to shake his hand. Let’s all say “sweet, holy pussay” in Clay’s honor and remember that glorious old fistfight between Jax and Galen fondly. Then, someone tell me what Tara is going to do now that the DA has offered her a deal if she links the club to Clay’s breakout, which killed an officer. And whether, with two episodes left this season, we think we’re done mourning. And how Jax handles the Chinese now. And what the plot of the final season will be if we’re truly through with the Irish and the gun business. (We’re not, right?) Let’s dig in.

Tara awoke and picked up Thomas. Just the quiet made me nervous. Abel was fine in his room. Jax and Tara’s bed hadn’t been slept in. Rat was there. He agreed to step outside to let Tara feed Thomas, but he told her Jax didn’t want her taking the boys to St. Thomas anymore.

Jax was off meeting with the DA, who showed him the immunity deal for everyone involved with the club and Tara’s deal guaranteeing her no jail time. They were approved but wouldn’t be executed until Jax delivered Galen and the guns. He told her the drop was set for between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. at an old maintenance warehouse at the docks, with Galen bringing up to a dozen well-armed men. She wouldn’t tell him if she was using the sheriffs or bringing in Feds. Whether or not that cut down the number of law enforcement in danger, we’d have to wait and see. At least, Jax said, he’d know he tried. I love the train passing by at the end of that scene. I assume it was planned. The day was full steam ahead, about to run off the rails.

Meanwhile, things were calm at Gemma’s house, where Nero was proud of her for playing nurse to Wendy. Before Gemma got her into a rehab, she just wanted a moment to help her more than hurt her. It was nice to see Gemma acknowledge that she’d hurt Wendy in the past, but no, Nero, Gemma can’t see bestowing any of that mercy on Tara. She can’t forgive her yet. I’d gone into this episode thinking Clay would die, but hearing Nero talk about the weight he carries not making things right with his dead junkie wife while she was alive made me think it could be Tara going. (Looking back, that should’ve been another clue it was Clay leaving us.)

To increase the tension, we watched the guys of SAMCRO fall in behind Chibs and Jax on their bikes two at a time. No words on that song, just guitars and drums building to a screech. I did some hyperventilating during the opening credits. You? Afterward, Tara dropped the boys off at T-M so Unser could babysit while she went to meet her new lawyer. Unser said he was sorry for how this all went down. He knows her heart was in the right place. “Unfortunately where my heart is matters very little,” she said. Chucky noted how sad she seemed. Unser told him there was a lot of that going around and it wouldn’t get any better today. Consider yourself warned.

The club rode to the Irish beverage distribution center while Tara met with that attorney. She told him there was nothing more he needed to know. He was prepared to move on the divorce and custody paperwork but cautioned her that when they submitted her transcripts on Jax’s past for the custody fight, he’d be allowed to tell his side of the story. That would become public record, and the DA could use the doubts about her miscarriage to hurt her credibility in her criminal trial. Essentially, Tara was being asked to choose between her boys and her freedom.

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