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Sons of Anarchy recap: 'Huang Wu'

Tara’s plan unravels spectacularly as Jax deals with the Italians, the Irish, and the Chinese on the eve of Clay’s transport

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Sons Of Anarchy 610 Recap
Prashant Gupta/FX

Sons of Anarchy

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Charlie Hunnam, Ron Perelman, Katey Sagal

What I love about Sons of Anarchy: You can have a conversation between Tara and Gemma that is equally as thrilling as the gun show Galen put on for the Italians. And just the idea of two characters possibly sharing their final scene together — have we seen the last moment between Katey Sagal and Ron Perlman? — is enough to make you tear up. Let’s roll.

Tara woke up in a panic because she heard a noise in the house. Those of us who remember the season 2 finale when Abel was kidnapped had to wonder if Kurt Sutter would go there again. But it was Jax who was holding Thomas in Abel’s bedroom. “You should let him sleep,” Jax told Tara. He walked to the kitchen and handed her the baby. He’d packed a bag. “There’ll be someone watching you. Don’t try to take them anywhere,” he said. He was going to put some distance between them before someone got hurt.

Cue the opening montage with Katey Sagal singing Jackson Browne’s “For a Dancer” (which is on her new album, Covered). Gemma was at T-M for the grand re-opening. Bravo for the sign poking fun at the recent explosion: “Our prices (kaboom!) are da bomb!” Nero was helping Colette with paperwork, which meant the DA was playing nicely again thanks to Jax’s deal to deliver her Galen. New transfer West tailed Tara at the hospital. Clay and his straitjacket got escorted out of the padded cell. Wendy got up from her couch, with track marks on her arm, and puked in the kitchen sink. Galen arrived in town. Jax made a stop to look at the school where the shooting took place. Tara went into her office and saw the blood on the carpet from her faked miscarriage. She began to break down and steeled herself as the song said, “Don’t let the uncertainty turn you around/ Go on and make a joyful sound/ Into a dancer you have grown/ From a seed somebody else has thrown…” But then she broke down hard. Jax went inside the school’s church and sat down. Two teen boys came running up the aisle, laughing and presumably eating wafers. One was blond and looked like what the young shooter might’ve looked like at that age. The other was darker-haired and taller. I assume we all thought of Jax and Opie, as well.

At the jail, Clay looked at his facial wounds from the beating he took for biting off a guard’s nose to get thrown into the psych ward. The resident librarian/Irish go-between asked Clay how he ended up back in gen pop: He had to meet with his lawyer because his trial’s been moved up. They transport him to County tomorrow. Clay said he’d see Gemma to get his personal stuff in order, but he needs Galen to know they have to bust him out tomorrow. A guilty verdict could send Clay anywhere.

Tara was at her office to look over new lawyer resumes. She told Margaret how Jax had scared Lowen into telling him everything. Margaret explained how Gemma had played her for information. She admitted she’d been afraid to go home last night. She’s taking three weeks vacation and visiting her sister in Sedona, she said. Translation: Tara is alone.

NEXT: “Pleasure.” “That’s what I hear.”