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So You Think You Can Dance recap: SYTYCD Top 20 take two recap

The Top 20 perform again, but it’s Hollywood legend and guest judge Debbie Reynolds who dances away with the show

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James Dimmock/FOX

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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Among other things So You Think You Can Dance has going for it this season, the show is now two for two for former stars of Will & Grace serving as guest judges. True, last night’s judge, Debbie Reynolds (who played Grace’s mother), had a touch less screen time on the NBC sitcom than last week’s judge Megan Mullally, but, still, if this means we can expect Sean Hayes, Bobby Cannavale, Harry Connick Jr., John Cleese, and/or Molly Shannon to appear to Mary Murphy’s left this season, it is a trend I can endorse wholeheartedly.

I mean, really. Can you think of a guest judge on SYTYCD who has been more delightfully daffy than Debbie Reynolds was last night? Introduced by Cat Deeley — who appeared to be wearing Tweety Bird couture — as nothing less than Hollywood royalty, Reynolds was like the great aunt who is unfailingly coming from or going to a hair appointment, never keeps her hip flask farther than arms reach, and is the best thing about Thanksgiving every year. She was dress in head-to-toe mauve. She always seemed to be applauding with tiny, tiny, tiny claps whenever she wasn’t speaking. She pretty much made every critique about her in one way or another, and bless her for it. I want to take her home with me so she can hold court in my kitchen at parties about how much of a tyrant Gene Kelly was while rehearsing for Singin’ in the Rain. (I’d say it was worth it.)

As for the show itself, all but two of last week’s bottom 7 gave performances likely to save them from elimination tonight, and several couples were finally asked to perform in genres out of their comfort zones — with decidedly mixed results. Let’s break it down:

This week’s pre-performance package interview gimmick — reveal a secret Ameriker doesn’t yet know about your partner — got off to a shaky start with the first couple to perform, Ryan and Ricky. I don’t really need or want to know that Ryan’s leg hair grows really fast, and Ricky’s real name, Roderick, is actually much better than his nickname. Those facts left my brain pretty quickly, though, after Ryan’s near wardrobe malfunction during and after their performance of Mandy Moore’s “Addicted to Love” jazz routine. (By the by, my snark demon Smirkelstiltskin thinks Moore should put out a series of jazzercise videos called “Sweatin’ to the ’80s,” and for once I think the horned lil’ devil is onto something.) The judges gushed over the performance, but I found myself too distracted by Ryan and Ricky looking saucily at the camera and not each other to really get into it. And then there was whatever was going on with Ryan’s bosom. At first, I though it was scarring. Then smeared makeup. It wasn’t really until Debbie said to Ryan, “You fell out of your top and you fell out of your bottom, and whoa!” that I understood what I was seeing was what happens when one side of double-sided tape gets prematurely un-taped. Yikes.

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