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So You Think You Can Dance recap: SYTYCD Top 14 results recap

An unexpected couple lands in the bottom three, but the results turn out to be entirely unsurprising

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James Dimmock/FOX

So You Think You Can Dance

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Reality TV
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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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Don’t Nakul Dev Mahajan’s dances always start the night off right? It’s like rainbows are actually spewing from the dancers’ feet and arms. Is there a So You Think You Can Dance in India? Because that would be stellar.

So let’s dispense with the good news: Melanie and Marko were predictably safe. Call it the Gaga effect. Or the “Mary Murphy Calls You ‘The Domination Man’ and People Feel Bad for You” effect. Caitlynn and Mitchell were given a week solo-free thanks to an unusually non-’80s Mandy Moore routine. Call it the Céline effect. The Jess voting bloc remains strong, so he and Clarice lived to see another week. Perhaps most lucky were Sasha and Alexander, who triumphed despite across-the-board criticism of their hip-hop routine. I’m putting it off to Sasha’s yellow eyelids and kickin’ half-hawk.

Not so lucky were Ashley and Chris, who were felled by the dreaded ballroom draw, had lackluster chemistry, and had to endure a comparison to Nigel krumping. Likewise, Jordan and Tadd got served by twinkles and fish lifts when they drew a waltz. And in the night’s most surprising bottom three couple, Ryan and Ricky had to dance for their lives. Neither zombies nor Zoolander nor Nigel’s obvious favoritism could save them from their dance with destiny.

While the dancers psyched themselves up for their solos, the troupe featured in The Adjustment Bureau put on an athletic performance. It was straight out of the Mia Michaels playbook, but I’m apparently one of the few people who hasn’t been overtaken by MM ennui, so I quite liked it.

Solo time! Ashley…did pretty much exactly what she did last week, only to different music. Frankly, it seemed a bit defeated. Chris followed suit, virtually repeating his solo from last week down to the heel stretch contortion while on his knees. Jordan brought her peacock bra A-game to the stage, as well as a whole lotta technique in dancing to Kelly Rowland and David Guetta’s “Commander.” Mugging + (leg extensions x undulations) / questionable fashion = Jordan.

NEXT: Tadd rocks it to Gloria Estefan, and Ryan comes to play