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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Paging Dr. Feelgood

A few routines smolder while others fizzle out; two more dancers depart

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So You Think You Can Dance

TV Show
Reality TV
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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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In Season

Big congrats to SYTYCD on its six Emmy nominations. And kudos, especially, to Cat Deeley on her hosting nom. She makes a challenging gig look easy breezy, and it’s so obvious she’s always loved the show’s dancers with every fiber of her being. Plus, was there anything quite as sweet as her bashful, flustered reaction tonight when Nigel congratulated her on the honor? There was not. And the way she rocked those sideswept waves and the crimson lip! That Cat.

I just finished tonight’s episode and have had quite a bit of coffee and there’s a lot leaping around in my brain —  So many mustaches! When did Brandon get so hot? Liking the new format! Will = a koala! — so let’s just get to it. Tonight may not have been the most eventful episode of the season, but there’s still loads to discuss.

The opening number was a Charlie Chaplin jazzy bit by Tyce to “The Here and After” (Pina!). When the thing started and appeared to be featuring self-appointed silent film star Amelia I was all errgh blahh but surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the piece. Visually, it was appealing; the black and white with the pop of color from the red umbrella was striking, and the quality of the movement really did make me feel like I was watching a silent film unfold. My main complaint was that with everyone in a Charlie Chaplin getup, it was hard to recognize anyone. I like to be able to pick out the dancers. At the very least, though, I recognized those Ikea stools. Marius, yo! $5.99. Sitting on one now.

George and Tiffany were the first couple up, but before they danced, George revealed something that America probably didn’t know about T-Maher-Star: she’s a smart cookie who graduated high school with a 5.22 GPA. Wow, right? I didn’t even know it was possible to have a 5.22 GPA – but I guess maybe that’s a case in point for why I never had one. The pair danced a Nappytabs hip hop routine to “Out of my Mind.” The concept was Adventures in Babysitting; the ‘sitters go bananas when the baby they’re watching keeps crying. In classic Nappytabs fashion, there were set pieces — a crib, two bright dressers — and the bit was a fun, pop-y, cute way to start off the show. Who’d have thought Tiffany would be so hard-hitting and full of fire! Nigel commented that he would have wanted the dancing to be even grungier, but was still really happy with the performance. Mary, to the surprise of no one, said “I am surely out of my mind over this couple!” and ohmigod WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT ON HER FINGER?! We need to discuss her butterfly bling. Christina said Tiffany was tough and scary, but she would have wanted the slow movements to be even “soupier.” What a great comment. Here’s my take on Christina Applegate as a guest judge: She has super smart things to say to the dancers and really seems to “get” their world. But she’s such an actress! She makes such a production over everything she utters – she’s basically the girl version of Adam Shankman. I do wish she’d been more comfortable giving constructive feedback tonight. Her comments are always so intelligent and thoughtful that such notes would have been helpful, but as it was, she seemed too apologetic and backtrack-y when it came to giving critiques (with one exception – more on that later), and this seemed like a missed opportunity.

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