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So You Think You Can Dance recap: The Top 20 Revealed

The dancers perform in their own styles to introduce themselves to Ameriker

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Adam Rose/Fox

So You Think You Can Dance

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Reality TV
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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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In Season

Big Night, everybody! Tonight was jam packed: We met our Top 20, celebrated the 200th episode of the show, and saw several routines that already have the glow of potential bests of the season.

Plus Cat is back! Enough of those city-to-city auditions where she’s relegated to lurking in lobbies. Let the lady host! And speaking of Cat, was that glitter dress not bonkers? To me it felt half Dynasty, half ice-skating outfit. Still, though, she was resplendent. Truthfully, Cat can do no wrong, frockwise or otherwise.

Zooey Deschanel joined as a guest judge despite the fact that this evening’s show was touted as as one free of judging, but no matter — Fox has shows to promote, and, anyway, I was curious to see how much Jess Day is in Zooey. Would she be adorkable? I was interested to get a bit of a sense of what Z.D. is like as a person, bangs aside. I dig her show.

So. No time to waste! Let’s talk about some of the highlights from tonight’s exciting episode.

First up, they grouped some contemporary dancers together to receive the first results of the evening. First up was Alexa Anderson, whom the judges appeared to have forgiven completely since Vegas week for not being a more gregarious personality. She is IN! George Lawrence II, whom Debbie had referred to as child in ATL (“That child is fierce!”) (swoon), was next. Since it was Debbie delivering the news, I had high hopes for another child utterance but was denied. “You are in the top 20, my dear,” she said. This child is IN! Will Thomas, an extremely tall L.A. auditioner whom I’ve never seen in my life, and Amber Jackson, a 3rd-time auditioner, are also IN!

Side note: I was so relieved to see Joshua Alexander sitting there in the Anticipation Room. He seemed totally fine, thank god, but I was hoping and expecting that someone would address the incident, since the last time we saw him he was unconscious and being carried away on a stretcher while witnesses wept. I thought his injury was alarming enough that it deserved a mention/brief explanation at the top of the show. Right? I’ve been worrying about him all week, but no one’s gonna tell me what happened?

The first four Top 20 inductees performed a TyceKeith routine that was perfectly fine. Everyone looked good, but my favorite part of all was that cool-ass jump Amber did right into George and Will’s arms. Give me people leaping into other peoples’ arms all the time! Even though tonight was a judging-free zone, Nigel had some comments: Will may be tall, but he needs to make sure to move as fast as the little people move. George shone. Amber was ugly when she said she’d give up on SYTYCD and never come back, but now look how pretty she is. And Alexa brought it in the facial department! Zooey said “You’re all so great it’s hard for me to think of anything to say,” which basically would turn out to sum up her role as judge for the evening. And I don’t mean that in an unkind way, it’s that she didn’t offer too much in the way of comments aside from encouragement and support, which are not nothing. It is quite possible Z.D. said even less than Katie Holmes did as guest judge last season. But like I said before, who cares. It was a non-competing evening and she wasn’t there as a dance expert.

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