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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Audrey Case, George Lawrence eliminated

All-stars return to the scene for dancing and praise; strong performances abound; two more are sent home

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So You Think You Can Dance

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Reality TV
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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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In Season

Tonight: the “unleashing” of all-stars, dancers performing outside their genres, and a soft-spoken, blue-eyed Frenchman. Welcome… to So You Think You Can Dance.

The night started with a group piece by Tyce: a jazzilicious tribute to Gene Kelly in honor of what would have been his 100th birthday. Eliana — aka Legs McGee — was front and center all glammed out and slinky and legging it up, and man did I love those nautical theme outfits on the girls. Especially Tiffany! How cute was she in the role of the jester sailor? Also, I honestly, genuinely got a thrill from seeing Tyce dance! Go Keith, go!

Listen, here’s what I’ll say about Cat’s dress. It went a little too far in the “sack” direction for my taste. But would Cat look stunning in a burlap sack? She would. And so she certainly still looked stunning in a silver sparkly sack. And what a successful, simple low bun, I thought.

Joining Nigel and Mary tonight was choreographer Benjamin Millepied, whose credits include choreographing for Black Swan, marrying Natalie Portman, and, apparently, having a resting heart rate of five. What a mellow fellow! He’s knowledgeable about dance and had intelligent comments for the dancers, and while I’d guess that he is not *hugely* familiar with these particular performers, he managed to be polite and encouraging and respectful, unlike the silly BalletBoyz of yesterweek.

Tiffany teamed up with all star Brandon for a Doriana Sanchez disco. I was happy to see this guy! In addition to having enjoyed Brandon as a dancer in season 5, I’ll always remember him as one of the people Mia Michaels was super rude to back in her ill-fated judging days. At one point, I remember Mia saying to him something like “I just don’t like you.” Like, that was her post-performance feedback for him. Put your feelings into your dances, Mia!

This disco routine was a perfect fit for Tiffany’s athleticism and energy and whole vibe. The choreography allowed her to be just the right proportions of cute and sassy and sexy and fiery. As I was discussing with a friend this week, Tiffany may not have the obvious elegance or maturity of movement of an Eliana, but it’s possible she’s the best all-around female dancer in this group (Yeah, I said it!). She’s got an abundance of cuteness, though, and sometimes her elfin, spritely qualities overshadow the beauty in her dancing. So this disco seemed like a perfect match for her. Nigel loved it and said she was a star. Mary thought she set the dance floor on fire. Benjamin said positive things in an accent that I was surprised didn’t sound Frencher. Me: That lift where she froze in a split and then got hoisted up onto Brandon’s shoulder? Holy crapballs. I loved these two cute nuggets rocking out together. It was a blood-pumping way to start off the show.

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