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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Top 20 perform (for votes!)

The Top 20 dance for votes, ‘power couples’ are declared, and a Nigel comment makes us cringe

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So You Think You Can Dance 02

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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I’m trying something different this week — I’m going to rank the dances in terms of my favorites instead of listing them chronologically. Yay or nay on this stunningly inventive new format?

Ladies and gentlemen…your Top 20, now performing for your SUPERVOTE!

Or if you prefer, your regular old votes. Choose your own intensity. But keep in mind that if you don’t SUPERVOTE, Nigel Lythgoe will dance into your dreams Funny or Die-style (die) and make incredulous comments about your legs and/or the jungle. Sleep tight.

10. Alexis and Nico — Hip Hop choreographed by Christopher Scott

Music: “Last Time (Knife Party Remix)” by Labrinth

No. Sunglasses. On SYTYCD routines. EVER!!! I love a real-life disguise, but on this show shades should be banned. It just never works out. If we can’t see their expressions, we can’t get a true sense of the dance — and this one certainly wasn’t winning any awards based on movement alone. The tapper and contemporary dancer just never surrendered to the hip hop groove, and the inclusion of their personal styles for a few measures only made the disconnect more glaring. “We practiced a lot and really tried hard to master the technique,” Nico explained onstage — perhaps that was precisely the problem.

Did anyone else find it rude that after Alexis bragged that she could build a drawer (her parents own a furniture store), the on-screen chyron said “She’s no Bob Villa”? Maybe she is Bob Villa. You don’t know. Maybe she was being modest!

9. Mariah and Carlos — Jive by Jason Gilkison

Music: “Get It Right” by Fantasia

Argh — they tried hard and had some good attitudes, but I can’t think of a dance style I’d be less interested to see from Krump Girl right off the bat. Curse of the ballroom! Not only that, but the routine was too fast and frantic for them; it looked exhausting. I’m confident they’d have slayed pretty much any other style, so I hope the dreaded first slot won’t be the kiss of death in terms of votes. On the upside, I loved Jason’s description of jive as “dancing on a hot stove” and how Mariah’s black-outlined yellow jive shoes subtly matched her dress.

NEXT: Remember those halcyon ballroom days in Vienna, when Avril Lavigne would play?