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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Stupid Good

Mia Michaels returns (along with her sayings) as the second week of auditions brings us one banging b-boy and a few duds

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Kelsey McNeal/Fox

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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You’re stupid, SYTYCD fans. And by stupid, I mean awesome. Naturally. Or at least, that’s how guest judge Mia Michaels means it. How great was it to have the choreographer back on the panel last night in Phoenix? Even though it’s only been a few short weeks since the end of season 5, I found myself missing the wise words of one of the series’ quirkiest mentors. Especially when she comes up with praise like, ”You’re stupid.” Or her season 4 compliment, ”I want to stab you.” Here’s hoping she somehow manages to turn ”Hey, douchebag,” into a nice phrase, so I don’t feel so bad saying it to friends on a semi-regular basis.

Anyhoo, let’s move on to the episode itself. Last night, SYTYCD brought their auditions to Phoenix, one of the hottest locales in America. So why did the episode leave me so cold? Was it because the show didn’t feature enough strong dancing? Or was it because there was a woefully small amount of Cat in the episode? (Memo to Nigel: We’re always craving more Cat-nip.) Either way, let’s rank last night’s performances, shall we?

Scalding Hot:

Jonathan ”Legacy” Perez: I only have one bone to pick with this guy — his name. Who calls himself ”Legacy” besides an American Gladiators contestant? Or Kanye West? Self-important or no, Legacy totally brought it. I would even go on record saying the guy was one of the best b-boys SYTYCD has ever seen. The way he assisted himself across the stage using only his hands? That was some crazy Exorcist shiznit happening there. And I was glad to see Nigel & Co., give Legacy his ticket to Vegas, as the crew all too often allows only contemporary dancers to pass through on the first round. Let’s just hope he lives up to his name in Vegas, since Jonathan ”Temporarily Memorable” Perez doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

Allison Becker: Technically, Allison was admittedly not completely up to par. She didn’t achieve much height in her jumps, and didn’t really execute her choreography to the fullest. The dancer, however, has one thing going for her: She’s the sympathetic choice for the season. Allison suffered from spinal meningitis, a disease that would have left her either dead or deaf. She survived, of course, but has to cope with the latter, which makes her dancing ever more impressive, if not perfect. Of course, there are more deaf dancers out there than one would think — my former company boasted two while I was enrolled — but Allison could make it far, in that Scott MacIntyre kind of way. Only time will tell whether or not she’ll make it through to Vegas, but if she does, methinks she’ll be a force to reckon with in the top 20.

Willem de Vries and Jacob Jason: Well, well, well. It looks like Nigel certainly regretted his derogatory comments against same-sex dancers last season, huh? Of course, the judge wouldn’t readily admit his homophobia — instead, he framed it by pointing out how much more adequate this pair was to last year’s same-sex team. But to be fair, he was right. Willem’s arabesque was exquisite, and Jacob proved to be a stellar partner. But let’s just be glad Nigel didn’t look at this couple as if they were a pair of leprosy-plagued bearded ladies.

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