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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Making the Cut

The judges name the Top 10

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Think You Can Dance
Joe Viles/Fox

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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No doubt many people were on the road during one of the busiest travel days of the year, trying to plane, train, and automobile themselves to friends and family and thereby missing Wednesday night’s results hour. So before we get our gobble on and gorge ourselves silly, let’s pause, bow our heads, and recall those dancers who made it into the top 10 (and the subsequent tour) and have much to be thankful for, as well as the unlucky two who were just shy of making the cut and are left to swallow their sorrows in helpings of pumpkin pie instead.

Sad to say that it was to the shock of absolutely no one that Victor Smalley and Karen Hauer were the ones left without Top 10 place settings this week. Poor Victor, who was always so charming and quick as a quip during his interviews, just couldn’t get the right fit of shorts or build up enough steam to connect with the audience and stay in the competition. Nigel thought him to be the Kelly Osbourne of SYTYCD, which kind of sounds like a compliment, but really isn’t. Because unlike the Princess of Darkness, who used her underdog status to win over fans and make it to the Dancing With the Stars finals, Victor made like the slashes on his black tank top and was cut before the top 10.

And Karen, despite starting off raring hot and full throttle, seemed to get more and more subdued with each passing week. Was it because Nigel made that off-color comment about girls being intimidated by her overt sexuality? It was as if Karen’s hot factor was inversely proportional to Ashleigh’s. As Ashleigh’s star quotient grew (and grew and grew), Karen’s fell (and fell and fell) in a precipitous decline until she basically supernovaed and was unceremoniously booted from both the hot tamale train and the competition. That Serrano pepper had desiccated into tepid chili flakes, and she all but lost her heat, sultry tango and bare midriff notwithstanding. And that’s gotta hurt. Of course, neither Victor nor Karen were helped by their tango routine from Tuesday night, which was well-executed but just wasn’t as crowd-pleasing as, say, a Sonya Tayeh routine. Nor did Laurie Ann Gibson’s hip-hop interpretation of moving mountains help their cause: Actually, the metaphor turned into something more like a Sisyphean task, considering their standing amidst the rest of their competition.

It was an interesting results hour, one that started with a group fantasy routine that played out like an Alice in Wonderland-inspired acid trip. And while it was hard to tell who was who under all the makeup and wigs, I did see Russell doing his best wide-eyed, manic White Rabbit/Flava Flav impression with the clock on his chest, and Kathryn pleasantly front and center as the Alice who inhaled from the bowl of smokiness. It also served as a nice showcase for Legacy, his head spins, and his exclamation point of a flip at the end. Actually, it seemed like all the dancers were used to good gonzo effect — well, except for Ashleigh, who commanded a lot of camera time but totally squandered it by bringing back that cursed pursed-lip mugging. I thought what happened in Vegas stayed in Vegas, Ashleigh. You’ve come a long way in repairing your image. Don’t poopy-face out on us now.

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