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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Stepping It Up

The top 12 got to show their stuff with two dances each

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Think You Can Dance
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So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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Well, well, well. Ask, and you shall receive, huh? After weeks of pleading with our favorite dance competition — begging them to feature more, more, more dancing — SYTYCD did just that, offering us a whopping 12 routines last night. Twelve! And better yet, not one of the remaining contestants were terrible. Everyone, including the judges, brought their A-game: Cat expertly riffed with the dancers, the top 12 vigorously sold their numbers, and Nigel decided to double his dose of Viagra to celebrate the monumental night. (Seriously, Nigel, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk about Noelle’s breasts and Mollee’s crotchal region.)

In fact, last night’s show was so good, I’ll admit I got a little verklempt thinking about our couples parting ways in the top 10 next week. So one last time, let’s dissect their dancing, shall we? In order of appearance, here are your top six couples!

Ellenore and Ryan: What better way to wake the audience up than to bring them some insanely perfect coffee grinders? I know I haven’t been the biggest fan of the strong man-meet-quirky-girl pair, but their Lindy Hop certainly went down like a warm cup o’ java. Their lifts were incredible, they were dressed adorably (Ellenore’s skirt = WANT), and they looked like they were having a blast. And they probably were — new choreographer Carla Heiney’s 1920s-esque number made me wish I had access to Doc Brown’s flux capacitor. Even better: Ryan discovered buttons this week! As much as everyone loves to see the hottie’s abdominals, I, for once, was able to actually focus on his dancing without the pectoral distraction. SYTYCD! Is! Not! Sparta!

I’m going to get super-picky, however, about the duo’s second number. I’m sorry. I know Spencer’s Broadway routine far exceeded most Great White Way numbers that we’ve seen on SYTYCD. But it was distracting to have a routine about a girl being worked as a puppet set to Chicago’s ”Razzle Dazzle.” Because, as anyone who has seen the show will tell you, the musical’s ventriloquist routine is set to ”We Both Reached For the Gun.” (The whole thing felt akin to when Tyce choreographed a Singin’ in the Rain-inspired number using a couch for a prop — and set it to ”Moses Supposes.”) Yet, Spencer’s haunting choreography was refreshing, considering SYTYCD‘s Broadway numbers usually have enough cheese to fill a fondue pot. Instead of high kicks and jazz hands, we got a dance that reminded me so much of Coppélia. It was mature and hypnotizing, and still incorporated moves that would make Fosse proud. And while Ryan put forth a good effort, Ellenore was the true star of this number. Girl was so flexible, it seemed like you could snap her leg right off from that second position développé like a boy snaps off a head of a Barbie doll. Of course, thought the pair performed two fantastic numbers, they might not escape danger, since dialers have poor memories. But I’d love to see these two separated in the top 10, if only because I think Ellenore and Jakob would make a hell of a dream team. Agree?

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