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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Flat Footed

Legacy laps up the judges’ praise for stepping up his game, while Russell deals with a whole different kind of props

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Think You Can Dance
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So You Think You Can Dance

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Tell me, fellow So You Think You Can Dance fans: Where was Lady Luck last night? Each week, our dancers draw genres out of a hat, hoping to score a familiar dance style. (I leave it up to you all to decide whether or not this process is more set in stone than we’re led to believe.) And last night, only one couple was lucky enough to nab their genre.

Instead, most our top 16 were forced to reckon with foreign styles like the hustle, Afro-jazz, and the dreaded quickstep. And while some pulled off their routines, more than a few fell flat — some favorites included. As our judge Adam Shankman said, the majority of our dancers’ success last night was determined by the luck of the draw. So who was lucky? And who will have to roll the dice in the bottom three tonight? Unlike last night’s show — which featured 10 minutes of filler at the top of the hour — I’m going to get right to the dancing. So here we go, in order of who I predict is safe, who is at risk, and who will likely be forced to dance for their life:

The safe:

Noelle and Russell: Last week, we learned that Russell is a singer. This week, we learned that Russell is an artist. Next week, we’ll learn that Russell signed the Declaration of Independence back in 1776. Seriously, I feel like I’m watching an SNL Penelope skit when it comes to this guy. He just keeps one-upping himself! And last night, the dancer proved that he is indeed ”King of Afro-Jazz,” as Mary dubbed him. But a dancer is only as good as his choreography, so I have to give new choreographer Sean Cheesman some serious props for bringing this new genre to the stage. I felt Noelle, however, was a little less princess, and more lady-in-waiting during the Princess and the Frog-inspired number. She brought buckets of energy, sure, but I wanted her to be a little less reserved in her movements. It was all a bit too sleek. And though I felt it was necessary for the judges to praise the awesomeness of the dance, I felt it was, once again, completely unnecessary for Nigel to continue to slam last season’s Russian folk dance choreography. Seriously Nigel, it’s time to let it go. All I have to say is you better back off or stay out of bath houses. All you have to do is rent Eastern Promises to see what I mean.

Kathryn and Legacy: This season’s sentimental favorites faltered a bit during Andy Blankenbuehler’s Broadway routine — but certainly not because of our beloved b-boy. We already knew that Legacy boasted some killer skills, but who knew he actually could pull Broadway out of his fedora? Though I’ve praised the dancer’s growth in the past few weeks, I’ll admit that his weaknesses had been clear. Though he jumped, spun and soared with compassion, you could always tell he was one of the most technically limited of contestants. But as I watched Legacy fall into that final back flip onto the couch, I immediately thought of Donald O’Connor in Singin’ In the Rain‘s ”Make ‘Em Laugh” musical number. (And, apparently, the judges agreed with me: Nigel loved Legacy so much, he wanted to grind him up into Soylent Green.) Too bad Kathryn didn’t fare as well. I completely agreed with Nigel when he told the contemporary dancer that she looked too juvenile. And though cute might work for Mollee and Nathan, it’s not going to make voters put down the remote, get off the couch and vote for this older duo. Regardless, I reckon they’ll be safe tonight.

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