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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Wait, What?!

The judges make a curious decision when faced with this week’s bottom three

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Billy Thhink Dance
Mathieu Young/Fox

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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Just 12 hours ago, I expected the craziest thing to come out of this week of So You Think You Can Dance would be Cat’s heinously unflattering bloody scarf frock. Because one of two outcomes should have taken place last night: Either Billy should have been sent home for opting out of dancing this week, or Jose should have been sent packing, several weeks after he deserved to go in the first place. Yet, the panel decided to make a decision so bananas, it belonged on Carmen Miranda’s head: They opted to eliminate… no one.

Yes, you read that right. Not one of the top six dancers was sent home last night, meaning two contestants would be sent packing after next week’s performance show. Now, this is a decision I would fully understand, if the bottom three were, say, Robert, Billy, and Kent. Or Robert, Billy, and Lauren. Or Robert, Billy, and AdéChiké. Or any combination of three dancers that didn’t include Jose. Yet, for the first time this season, the panel had the opportunity to fairly oust the b-boy — and, for whatever reason, didn’t. I can continue to sit here and joke, questioning what hypnotic power the b-boy is holding over the panel, but this has gone far beyond Filet-o-Fish territory. No, the Jose situation has gotten so ridiculous, my conspiracy theory brain muscles are beginning to flex. Is he blackmailing Nigel? The secret love child of Cat and Dom? Holding Adam’s Star Search goatee ransom? Why has Jose become the SYTYCD version of a horror villain? Every time you think he’s a goner, he sticks his hand out of the grave and spins on it.

Honestly, I would have been angry enough had the judges decided to keep Jose over Billy, but at least I would have understood the rationale behind such an elimination. (Even if the judges’ attempt to subtly paint Billy as a slacker was ludicrous at best. If I was assigned a stepping routine with a knee injury, I would choose to sit out for a week, if I ever wanted to, you know, walk again.) And since Jose performed what probably was his best solo so far in the competition — which was still small potatoes compared to the Thanksgiving dinner Robert served up during his solo tonight — we could have waved goodbye to the b-boy on a high note, and ultimately forgive the judges for allowing him to overstay his welcome.

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