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So You Think You Can Dance recap: Broadway Bound

One more dancer is sidelined by an injury, while a small-town boy continues to shine

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Kent Think Dance
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So You Think You Can Dance

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There was the Curse of the Bambino. The Brady Bunch talisman. That poor broad in Paranormal Activity. And now, it seems, the So You Think You Can Dance curse. Because if you ask me, there’s something funny happening in CBS Television Studios. Last week, we lost one of the show’s greatest dancers, Alex F. Wong, to a lacerated Achilles tendon. And this week, yet another strong contender was sidelined: our poor Ashley, who suffered from rib pains and was advised not to dance. So what’s the deal? Has timeslot competitor Howie Mandel and the cast of America’s Got Talent been making use of their voodoo dolls?

Not that there was much missing from last night’s show with Ashley gone. As much as I really respect and enjoy the contemporary dancer’s work, and as much as I want her to get her rib function back, baby, last night’s show still offered plenty of highlights. We had fun Broadway numbers! An emotional contemporary routine! Mia impersonating a Golden Girl through style!

But no one was more golden last night than our dear small-town boy Kent, who shone throughout both of his routines. I suppose it isn’t necessarily fair, since one clearly catered to his aw-shucks demeanor. (Seriously, I bet this kid lives on penny candy.) You all know how much I love to knock a Tyce Broadway routine, but the choreographer hit one out of the park when it came to his Damn Yankees routine for Kent and Neil. (Even if I’m fairly certain I already saw it during Tuesday night’s all-star game. A-Rod’s got some mean jazz hands!) Because if you’re going to choreograph a routine for Kent, why not go all out? Why not plot out a number in which everything — costumes, music, movement — is over-the-top, matching the contestant’s own personality?

Yet, Kent still managed to thrive during a low-key contemporary dance later in the night, choreographed by Dee Caspary, in which he and AdéChiké romanced a piece of furniture. (This is not your kid’s musical chairs!) But as much as we can kid, this partnership proved to be a fruitful one — AdéChiké managed to match Kent’s performance level, while Kent toned down his showiness and proved that is, at his core, a dancer and not just a beloved reality star. Yet, while the judges did compliment the small-town boy for his skills, most of the props were saved for AdéChiké — and as much as I feel he deserved the praise (his grand jeté was breath-taking), it doesn’t take a conspiracy theorist to assume that Mia over-complimented the dancer, in light of her unfair treatment of him last week. She told him Desmond Richardson would be proud. She said he looked like Giselle. (Of course, she meant ”gazelle,” and not Mrs. Tom Brady. Although, remind me to dress like a gazelle next time I see Mia, so she can tell me I look like a Victoria’s Secret model.) In fact, Mia was one compliment away from calling AdéChiké the next coming of Mother Teresa.

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