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So You Think You Can Dance season premiere recap: Summer in the City

Several dancers heat things up at auditions in New York City and Miami during the season premiere

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Mathieu Young/Fox

So You Think You Can Dance

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Nigel Lythgoe, Cat Deeley, Mary Murphy
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It’s in the mid-80s here in New York City. I have officially made the transition from boots to flip-flops. I’m beginning my search for a nice pair of sunglasses. And I’m starting to crave one of those disgustingly amazing Coronas submerged in a margarita. (Sometimes, the things that seem so wrong are so, so right.) Know what this means, fellow So You Think You Can Dance fans? As Cat told us at the beginning of last night’s premiere, it’s summer! Well, not quite yet — we have to wait until June 21 for it to be official — but for all intents and purposes, it’s summer on television.

After all, So You Think You Can Dance has officially begun. As any fan of the reality dance competition show knows, SYTYCD and summer go together about as well as spaghetti and meatballs. Sonya Tayeh and Mohawks. Jody Sawyer and Charlie Sims. So after the utter disaster that was the fall season of SYTYCD — which, like a drunken one-night stand, seemed like a good idea at the time, only to make us feel nauseous and cheap at the end of it all — I can’t tell you how good it feels to swallow the Pepto-Bismol that is this upcoming summer season.

Especially since we can expect to see so many ch-ch-changes. Of course, not all of them are necessarily welcome — the show simply won’t be the same without Mary’s high-pitched shriek, even if my ears will suddenly be able to hear the sounds of summer (birds chirping, wind blowing, homeless men peeing) — but at least SYTYCD was perceptive enough to realize that a switch-up is needed as soon as things start to get stale. (Cough! American Idol! Cough!) Even if, sadly, only 10 dancers will make the finals this year, thanks to the inclusion of all-stars later on in the season. (Not that I’m complaining. Believe me, I am pumped for the return of Mark, Kathryn, and…wait for it… Pasha! Vodka shots all around!) And it might be tough to narrow things down, based solely on last night’s first auditions in New York and Miami.

SYTYCD (mostly) showed us footage of stellar dancers last night, setting the pace for what could be one heckuva competitive season. We saw graceful contemporary dancers! Hot — and I mean HOTT — ballroom dancers! Insane b-boys! And in my humble opinion, I believe we might have even seen this season’s winner last night. Yes, that’s right. We’re only two hours into this very young season, and I’m already prepared to crown a winner. That’s because the show highlighted one contestant with the backstory necessary to win over fans, and the dance skills necessary to win over the judges: 24-year-old Tyrell Rolle. The guy from the other side of the tracks — Liberty City, to be exact — bucked (heh) the stereotype, or so he said, by choosing contemporary dance over hip-hop and breakdancing. And for a guy who has only been refining his craft for seven years (not as long as it sounds), Rolle rocked. (Mmm…Rolling Rock.) The dancer boasted amazing extensions, impressive flexibility, and probably the best upper body I’ve seen from any male SYTYCD contestant. (And I’m not just talking appearances here!) On top of it all, it doesn’t hurt that Rolle’s got an emotional, supportive dad rallying behind him. Really, it’s almost not fair. At this point, does anyone else even have a chance?

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