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''So You Think You Can Dance'': Commercial break

On ”So You Think You Can Dance,” Cedric and Shauna, predictably, are the ones to go, but not before the episode becomes a giant product placement for a certain movie

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So You Think You Can Dance (Season 3)
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So You Think You Can Dance

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”So You Think You Can Dance”: Commercial break

Before we get to today’s SYTYCD TV Watch, I just thought I’d mention that Hairspray is coming out next week. Next Friday, to be exact. July 20. Just FYI.

Really, though, once we learned Cedric and Shauna were bottom-three’d, was there any real doubt as to who would be going home? True, I basically spent most of yesterday’s TV Watch in a tizzy, worrying that Danny would go well before his time, but that was supposing Cedric would be safe. And Danny did seem chastened after getting yet another Nigel Lythgoe lecture last night on the importance of home-audience connection. (Though it is nice to see that Nigel and guest judge Adam Shankman — the director and choreographer of New Line Cinema’s new musical Hairspray, in theaters everywhere July 20, 2007 — have air-kissed and made up.) Personally, if I were Anyer and Danny, I’d’ve throttled Cat ”Pretty, Pretty Princess With Gwyneth Paltrow 1999 Oscar Hair” Deeley after she cooed, ”You make it look too easy, because it’s so fabulous,” to explain why they were in the bottom three.

Of course, when it came time for the solos, Danny appeared to have interpreted ”connecting” with audiences as ”turning them on.” So I wish I could tell you my thoughts on his routine, but, well, I’m human, and my focus was a bit more specific for this particular shirtless routine. Ahem. But Danny wasn’t alone; Anyer chose to use her time to debut a ballroom step heretofore unknown to me: the catnipped sex kitten. Even she seemed to realize it wasn’t working, though, when she suddenly ran to the staircase and tried to turn the railing into a partner, which only added to her desperation.

In fact, the only solo I truly liked was Hok’s, since he bothered to dance to the music rather than freestyle shapeless, showy movement for 30 seconds. But as Nigel made clear, the solos only played a part — a small part, by the looks of it — in the judges’ decision to cut Shauner and Cedric. It’s not like we didn’t see this coming, exactly, given the breadth and supreme quality of Anyer and Jaimie’s performances over the full season thus far. (Not to mention their luck in landing partners who raise their dancing game and lower their propensity to blurt out giggly inanities. Respectively.)

So Shauner and Cedric went home, but not before attending the premiere of the most eagerly awaited movie event of the summer, Hairspray, starring John Travolta in a woman’s fat suit and Queen Latifa in a blond wig she should’ve worn to the premiere. Tuxes and dresses were donned; much actual hairspray was misted onto scalps; much fossil fuel was burned in their stretch SUV; Kameron showed us his pectoral, abdominal and Christopher Walken-impressional goods; and the movie was, like, so totally amazing with really great dancing by guest judge and choreographer Adam Shankman. Dancing from Hairspray also opened the show, with a routine by Hairspray director Adam Shankman, who Hairsprayed the hairsprayers with a hairspray from the hairspray Hairspray that they apparently hairsprayed in less than a hairspray.

Whoa. Sorry ’bout that backwards Mad Lib; I’m just still reeling a bit at the shamelessness of all this promotion, no more so than when Nigel prefaced his rave about the flick by saying, ”I don’t have to say this.” And I don’t have to point out that your show’s end credits included the line ”Promotional Consideration Paid By: New Line Cinema,” but I still will. Because I care.

Do you care? Did you feel this lackluster episode was best represented by the sour-faced Hilary Duff, who ill-advisably aped a line or two from the Britney Spears playbook? (If that saucy, shapely brunette was indeed the real Hilary Duff. I remain unconvinced.) Will Danny shape up? Was Shauna robbed? And shouldn’t Cat’s time-capsule dress from Wednesday night have helped her realize The Wiz dates back to 1975, not ”the ’60s”? Do tell!

PS: Go see Hairspray or Nigel will murder a unicorn.