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Smash recap: The Producers

‘Hit List”s prospects aren’t looking good, thanks to Jimmy’s erratic behavior — but a last-minute accident could change everything

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SMASH The Producers
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Five hundred sev’nty-two minutes, not counting commercials

Five hundred seventy when far less would suffice

Five hundred sev’nty-two minutes, not counting commercials

How do you measure the life of a dead plot device?

Sure, it’s possible that poor, sad-eyed Kyle survived his sudden brush with oncoming traffic. But it’s a lot more likely that he didn’t — and, based both on what we know already and the official descriptions of Smash‘s next two episodes (those who don’t mind being quasi-spoiled can read them here), that his death will turn him into a Jonathan Larson-style Theater Martyr, giving Hit List even more buzz and galvanizing a gang of producers to bring the show to the Great White Way after all.

I’ve got to say, if the show ends up going this way, that the twist wouldn’t be half bad — though I do wish poor Kyle hadn’t had to (probably) die in order to set it into motion. Smash features a serious dearth of likable characters, and if Kyle’s gone, then Ivy, Eileen, Bobby, and Linda the Stage Manager should get ready to do even more heavy lifting.

You may notice that Tom is conspicuously absent from that list. That’s because he spends tonight’s episode acting like UrJerk, the jerk against whom all other jerks are measured. (You’re off the hook, Jimmy. Actually, what am I talking about — I’ll deal with you in a minute.) To refresh your memory: On Bombshell‘s opening night, Julia asked Tom to write a Great Gatsby musical with her. He said no to the idea, then came running back to her when his City of Angels gig fell through. At that point, though, Julia had already decided to do Gatsby by herself.

That is, to be sure, a sucky situation for all involved. But it’s not the personal betrayal that Tom’s taking it as — and he certainly has no license to claim the high road, given both the way and the reason he turned Julia down in the first place. Tom, of course, doesn’t see things this way. He demands that Julia throw out what she has and write the show with him, even though by this point Julia’s also promised Gatsby‘s director’s chair to Tom Collins Scott. What a tangled web Smash weaves!

Though at first Julia acquiesces to her partner’s crazy demands, sense eventually wins out. She tells Tom calmly but firmly that she’s doing Gatsby without him, though she’ll be happy to prioritize a project with Tom over that play. Tom, however, has caught Incurable Douchetitis — possibly from Jimmy; Kyle must be a carrier — and he responds by acting like a spoiled child, accusing Julia of being the selfish one, and intentionally tanking a public Q&A with Julia (moderated by Ivy) purely out of spite. Eric McCormack never would have let this fly.

NEXT: We’ve never seen Jimmy and Season 1 Ivy in the same room. Coincidence? I think not.