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Sleepy Hollow recap: Incommunicado

The Witnesses forge unexpected alliances when Crane is trapped in the Archives

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Tina Rowden/FOX

Sleepy Hollow

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Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, John Cho, Katia Winter
Mystery and Thriller, Crime, Sci-fi and Fantasy

Pour out a cup of coffee in memory of the Witness Mind Meld, a short-lived dream too pure for this world. But treat yourself to a cruller in honor of something even better: the melding of season 3 and season 1. This has been a good year for Sleepy Hollow, but it’s also been a heavy one, especially in the wake of Abbie’s trip to another dimension. “Incommunicado” injects a sense of fun back into the show without sacrificing emotional resonance or lowering the stakes, and I’m so jazzed about it — in the style of Duke Ellington — that I’m ready to riff on the usual recap format.

Presenting … drum roll from a dad in a garage, please … 10 Times I Knew I’d Mind-Melded with “Incommunicado”:

1. That Screaming Cold Open

The episode gets off to a perfectly ridiculous start with a group of middle-aged guys dad-jamming in a garage. When one of them rebels against their “post-punk indie rock” style, he gets a stern lecture from his friends: “We talked about this, Kyle. If you want to shred, you’re in the wrong band.” Kyle almost walks out, but, like, can’t they just go one practice without Kyle quitting the band? Come on, Kyle.

Kyle agrees to stick around, and the men get back to dad-jamming, only to find that they can’t make any noise. For a minute, “Incommunicado” is Buffy’s “Hush” — a dead-silent world where voices have no power — but that silence isn’t meant to last (which is one of the episode’s few real disappointments. Can you imagine Crane miming everything to Abbie?). A white-haired woman with a cracked mouth materializes in the room and lets out a piercing scream, and the rockers’ brains literally bleed out of their ears. That’ll teach them to agree on post-punk indie rock.

2. Crane Wants a Doughnut Hole

They grow up so fast! The same man who once rejected doughnut holes is now a connoisseur, and his standards will not be compromised. “This is a crime against pastries,” Crane declares when Abbie returns from the bakery with a summertime squash muffin. He asked for a bear claw and an almond beignet, thank you very much.

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3. Trapped in the Archives

While Abbie investigates the dead band members, Crane welcomes an unexpected visitor: the Hidden One. He’s here to kill the Witnesses, and he’d really appreciate it if Crane would help him out and let him know where Abbie is, just to save him the few seconds it would take to omnipotently divine her location. Crane refuses. He’s died before, and he isn’t afraid to do it again, though his bravado erodes the minute the Hidden One promises to make Abbie’s death extra painful. The Hidden One aims his deadly blue light and fires — and the pendant that connects him to Abbie flies out of Crane’s pocket, catches the light, and hangs suspended in midair. The light shoots out of the pendant, surrounding the Archives in a kind of force field. Pandora sighs in the distance.

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