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Sleepy Hollow recap: 'Deliverance'

The Witnesses must race to keep Katrina from delivering a bouncing baby demon.

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Sleepy Hollow Recap
Brownie Harris/Fox

Sleepy Hollow

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Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, John Cho, Katia Winter
Mystery and Thriller, Crime, Sci-fi and Fantasy

I’m just gonna leave this here.



Let’s start out for real by addressing one of Sleepy‘s biggest recurring bugbears: the Katrina Problem. To recap: She’s more of an exposition factory than a flesh-and-blood character; she’s constantly in need of saving; for a witch of supposedly remarkable power, she sure makes a habit of never actually doing any impressive magic.

Back in season 1, these facts were irksome but understandable. Sleepy had so much ground to cover in 13 short episodes that we couldn’t really fault the show for not taking time to make Katrina more interesting. But now that we’re halfway through the first half of season 2, they’re starting to seem a lot less justifiable. True, her expository role has lessened since she escaped purgatory—but even seven episodes in, attempts to flesh Katrina out haven’t yielded many dividends. Her role as an embedded “spy” in Abraham’s camp had potential, but she hasn’t learned anything of consequence there; the revelation that she watched Ichabod’s old flame Mary die complicated their relationship slightly, but didn’t really add layers to Katrina herself. (We already know she keeps secrets from Ichabod. That’s kinda her thing.)

I’ve spent enough time harping on this that I don’t want to get bogged down in complaints before the recap even really begins. That said: “Deliverance,” while entertaining and at times sublimely creepy, didn’t do much to solve the Katrina Problem—even though it’s one of the few Sleepy episodes that’s thrust Katrina to the forefront. It’s getting to the point where I almost wish that Crane’s wife does turn out to be secretly evil, if only to give Katia Winter something else to do. (I can see her excelling in a sort of Dark Willow role. Can’t you?)

We can, at least, say this for Katrina: While “damsel in distress” is a well-worn trope, not many of those damsels can boast of being impregnated, via curse spider, by their own evil son. Maybe the Deliverance theme actually is appropriate in this context!

At the top of the episode, Katrina isn’t yet aware that she’s carrying a horned bun in her oven. All she knows is that she’s awoken with a wicked craving for evil pickles and evil ice cream—and that a group of mysterious bros, led by Henry, have invaded Abraham’s House of Horrors. They’re there to take Katrina away, haha—but they hadn’t counted on Abraham’s overwhelming devotion to the witch, which prompts him to attack Henry’s goons with an ax. So maybe Headless isn’t all bad. In the ensuing melee, Katrina escapes and stumbles out onto a nearby highway, M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village-style. Before long, Abbie and Ichabod find her in the hospital, suffering from a high fever, an abdominal infection, a mean Incurable Cough of Death, and a bad case of Veiny Stomach. Ichabod spirits her away to the archives, where she’ll be safe from Henry’s men; Abbie decides to tail the dudes—all by herself—in order to figure out what they’re up to. She doesn’t even want to bring in Jenny as backup? Oof; this seems like that moment when someone in a horror movie leaves the room, telling everyone left that he’ll “be right back.”

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