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Sleepy Hollow recap: 'The Sin Eater'

Sleepy Hollow returns from fall hiatus with an ep that fires on all cylinders — and introduces John Noble as the mysterious Sin Eater

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Sleepy Hollow
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Sleepy Hollow

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Tom Mison, Nicole Beharie, John Cho, Katia Winter
Mystery and Thriller, Crime, Sci-fi and Fantasy

You love Sleepy HollowWE Love Sleepy Hollow. So why has it taken this long for EW to officially jump aboard the recap bandwagon? As one Ichabod Crane might say, our lack of episodic writeups has been an intolerable miscarriage of justice — one replete with heedless and unequivocal villainy!

In other words: Weekly coverage of Sleepy starts now. Fasten your carriage-harnesses, kind sirs and gentle ladies; ’twill be an irregular excursion.

For weeks, Sleepy heads have been cursing major league baseball for depriving them of further Ichabbie adventures. (The beards on those Boston Red Stockings must be Moloch’s dastardly work.) And tonight, the series finally returned from its month-long hiatus… with a scene in which Abbie takes Ichabod to watch some baseball. Ha! She teaches him about present-day America’s national pastime (yelling at sports); he tells her that he’s looking forward to “expanding [his] horizons” with her. Ahh, is that shipper bait I see before me? Who cares; these two are so charming — and Sleepy is still so good — that it’s tough to complain.

Right after the game, of course, everything hits the fan. As Abbie learns in a Katrina-sponsored vision — sent, perhaps passive-aggressively, while the lieutenant is driving — Ichabod has been kidnapped by unknown assailants. His capture is particularly inopportune because the Headless Horseman plans to rise again this very night. (What, he was also waiting for the World Series to end?) According to the witch, Abbie can both find Ichabod and help him stop Death by first locating a mysterious being known as the Sin Eater.

The good news? Abbie’s jacked sister Jenny isn’t just the local psych ward’s preeminent makeup magician (how does she get her eyelashes so full?!) — thanks to her hush-hush partnership with the late Sheriff Corbin, she’s also an expert on all things weird and spooky. The better news? As the sisters Mills discover through some light sleuthing, the Sin Eater they seek just happens to be hiding in the tri-state area under an assumed name. And so they take a quick-ish jaunt to The Nutmeg State, where they and we are introduced to the night’s big new character: John Noble’s gentle, reclusive, evil-ingesting Henry Parrish.

Though he’s absolved death-row sinners everywhere from Japan to Ghana, Parrish tells the siblings that he’s now out of the sin-eating game. Given the news that Noble’s signed on for multiple episodes of Sleepy, you can be forgiven for not taking him at his word. In any case, Abbie’s connection with Crane is so strong that Henry can divine the kidnapped Witness’s location. And so the Mills ladies travel back to good old Sleepy Hollow, where Ichabod is being held underground…

NEXT: …by members of Skull & Bones? The American Illuminati? The reanimated framers of the Constitution?