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November 12, 2017 at 10:00 PM EST


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Angry meth dealers, sex with “chubs,” and cocaine pizza. You know what that means — time for another episode of Shameless!

“Where’s My Meth?” starts off innocently enough with more bonding for Fiona and Nessa. Fiona had better stay friends with this friendly accountant, because Nessa’s one of the only tenants not late on their rent. While Nessa insists she should clean house, Fiona’s been late on her rent a time or a hundred, so she wants to cut everyone a break. That stance will surely soften as she gets to know these delinquent residents, including a lady with a million rowdy kids, a crackhead couple, and an old lady who threatens to sic her nonexistent dog on Fiona.

Back at the Gallagher house, Frank needs some fashion advice for a job interview. “This Frank is different,” he insists to his doubtful children. “You’re about to witness the rebirth of a productive member of society.” Mr. Adeeb, the head of a Home Depot-like store Frank is interviewing at, is less skeptical of Frank’s dedication to change. Despite Frank’s unimpressive résumé, which he explains as having “been a stay-at-home dad most of my life,” he gets hired.

The loss of Monica is having a different effect on one of the other Gallagher men. Before he let Carl take his meth to sell, Ian felt the need to say one last goodbye to the inheritance left by his mom. “Once it’s gone, so is she,” he argues to his brothers. He further opens up about his feelings to Trevor, who has an idea to cheer him up: go to a fat guy bar. “The bigger, the better,” declares Trevor. I hope that’s true, because they go pretty big, hooking up with two “chubs.” After getting pleasured by his chub, Ian goes to leave, only to be turned into a little spoon. He begins to cry, most likely about Monica, but maybe a little bit about the spooning situation, too.

Following his doctor’s visit last week, Kevin and his “Save Second Base” T-shirt have joined a breast cancer support group. When it’s his time to share, he confesses that he’s worried he’ll never get to see his kids grow up, take his shirt off at the gym, or “let men feel me up for tips.” The ladies try to cheer him up with a big group hug.

New Liam (yes, everyone noticed that a different actor, Christian Isaiah, has taken over the role) gets a reprieve from the madness of the Gallagher household when he goes for a sleepover at his rich friend Dylan’s house. It’s the little things non-lower class families have that amaze Liam, including seat belts and their own bathrooms. The good times continue the next night with Dylan coming over to Liam’s. Dylan has no problem leaving behind his lavish lifestyle if it means no supervision and KFC for supper. His mom, on the other hand, doesn’t feel the same, as she throws away Dylan’s clothes upon picking him up.

Usain Bolt Lip is doing some more angry long-distance running. (Can he at least go buy some workout clothes?) His destination is the diner, where Brad lectures him over missing a meeting. Lip’s jealousy over Sierra and Charlie continues to build. By the way, not sure if anyone else knew this, but Charlie is played by Chet Hanks. Yes, the son of Jingle All the Way star Rita Wilson!

While Lip pines for Sierra, Debbie’s busy neglecting Sierra’s brother. Neal has basically become Debbie’s free babysitter (he, Lip, and Steve Harrington should start a club), as he only sees his girlfriend when she’s home between work and class. And by class, I mean probably going to class and then definitely going drinking and getting hickeys from beauty students.

Fiona returns from a long day of landlording to find Ian alone in the hot tub listening to some sad music. Once she gets in to join him, he tells her about what I’m deeming “the chub crying incident” and his sadness over Monica. “I don’t think you’re a freak because you don’t want to forget about her,” says Fiona, who had long ago moved past their mother. “I think you’re a freak because you cried in a fat dude’s arms.” The siblings enjoy a good tub and chuckle.

The new Frank (same actor, different outlook on life) is riding the high of his first real job in who knows how many years — maybe ever. He’s now got a bank account and a cell phone, plus he’s making quite the first impression at work. “You don’t want to hurt yourself, end up on disability,” he tells his coworkers, showing them the proper lift technique. “Nothing respectable about being a drain on the system.” His one day of hard work doesn’t go unnoticed, as he’s quickly promoted. This is the fastest rise to power we’ve seen since… Oh, never mind. (Recap continues on page 2)

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