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Shameless recap: Season 7, Episode 9

Monica returns in time to help Debbie get Franny, and the thrupple goes to therapy

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William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum
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Hurricane Monica returned to the South Side this week, much to everyone’s excitement. Plus, Fiona confronted a Yelper the way we all wish we could, Debbie got Franny back, and Svetlana did more shady stuff. Let’s dive into episode 9: “Ouraboros.”

In the first minute of this episode, we see Frank have essentially everyone’s reaction to Monica – “…Grrreattt.”

From the get-go Monica is on her, like, 500th apology tour, admitting again that she’s messed up with the rest of the Gallagher clan and wants to fix things. She goes from Gallagher to Gallagher trying to get them to care about her sudden return. No one really bites, except for Debbie, who is willing to accept Monica’s help in getting Franny back.

Debbie had been sleeping on Tanya’s lawn, next to a large sign that lets the neighborhood know kidnappers lived there. But she was otherwise helpless in getting Franny back and was waiting for their meeting with DCFS. When Debbie explains this to Monica, Monica storms over to Tanya’s with a bat, taking out windows, flowerpots, chairs, anything she can find outside of the house while yelling Debbie’s legal rights as a mother. Just then, Tanya returns from taking Franny for a walk, and Debbie and Monica manage to steal the stroller out of Tanya’s grasp and run off with Franny.

Grateful for this, Debbie offers for Monica to stay at her and Neil’s apartment. Monica spends the rest of the episode trying to get people to pay attention to her: Lip, Fiona, Ian, and especially Frank. Frank is actively avoiding/cursing her, while still obsessing about her to Etta.

Eventually, Frank and Monica meet outside of Neil’s apartment, where Monica convinces Frank to come in so she can explain why she came back. She shows him several brain scans and tells him she’s dying.

Fiona has no chill

Fiona is excited about the grand re-re-opening of the Laundromat. She’s decided to keep the gigantic TV Etta ordered, and she bought some new washing machines on her credit card, too. She’s serving coffee and pie from Patsy’s to the customers and asking her employees to write positive Yelp reviews. At one point though, a Yelper named Jessie leaves a pretty naïve and nasty review, and this sits with Fiona for the rest of the day.

Fiona is also fighting off the urge to lose her s— about Monica. She insists she is staying calm and cool and will continue to ignore Monica, but Lip bets her $20 that Monica will eventually, as always, get under her skin.

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