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Shameless recap: Season 7, Episode 6

Fiona makes a risky investment, Svetlana is caught in a lie, and Debbie gets engaged

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Cliff Lipson/Showtime


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Comedy, Drama
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William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum
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Is this power struggle between Lip and Fiona tearing anyone else apart, or is it just me? They’re so great as a team when they’re on the same page, but from the looks of tonight’s episode, they won’t be seeing eye-to-eye anytime soon. This week also featured a big reveal from Svetlana, an engagement for Debbie, and Frank’s latest scheming finally coming back to bite him. Let’s dive into “The Defenestration of Frank.”

Fiona decides to give herself a reward for all her hard work and buys an A/C unit for her bedroom. She tells Lip she thinks Debbie is overreacting about DCS and that Franny/Harry won’t be taken away from her, but she can’t help Debbie being dramatic.

Fiona gets to Patsy’s, which is very busy with a lunchtime rush, and tells Sierra she was looking at properties. I guess it’s safe to say she’s taking the Tinder-Finance guy’s advice to heart and is looking to make an investment (except for that small tidbit of not really having enough of anything to invest).

A cat runs into Patsy’s and it’s one of Etta’s, so Fiona runs it over to the Laundromat. She talks to Etta and they basically have the same conversation they had last week — the “suits from the North Side,” yadda yadda yadda, now Etta has a week to think about letting them buy her out of her lease. Fiona offers to buy the lease instead; she says she’ll get a $100,000 loan, buy the lease for the Laundromat, and let Etta continue living in her apartment upstairs. No problem! Etta agrees.

Fiona finds out she can only get a loan for $80,000. She offers this to Etta, who’s initially surprised because she doesn’t remember their conversation from the day before. (Let’s just acknowledge something right now: This transaction has bad news written all over it, and it’s about to get worse.) Fiona reminds her what they talked about, Etta claims she remembers, and she signs her lease over to Fiona for $80,000. Fiona now owns the Laundromat and technically, its upstairs apartment, too.

Giddy as all hell, Fiona skips over to Patsy’s to tell Lip. Lip’s reaction is basically, “Okay?” and asks what she put up for collateral to get a loan for $80,000. Fiona casually says “the house,” like she can’t figure out why she wouldn’t have done so. It’s such a smart decision, right? Lip looks furious and asks why she would do something like that when the house belongs to everyone. Fiona counters with “Well, it’s in my name,” and some BS about how she’s going to turn the business around even though she knows nothing about running a Laundromat. This exchange quickly turns into an argument about who between them makes worse decisions, and Fiona once again brings up how Lip blew his grant and got kicked out of college.

Their exchange continues in the episode’s final minutes, when Lip says “It’s not too late. You could still back out of that loan…” In response, Fiona just stares him down.

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