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Shameless recap: Season 7, Episode 4

New Fiona takes effect; Ian makes a new friend

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Patrick Wymore/Showtime


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William H. Macy, Emmy Rossum
Comedy, Drama

The “new Fiona” is here, which means no more Mrs. Nice Girl. While we’ve seen Fiona try to change herself and her circumstances many times before, will this be the time it really sticks? And is it just me, or is she being a little harsh with Debbie? Plus, the episode’s events take place on “the hottest day of the year” and just about everyone’s a little more pissed off than usual. Let’s break down “I Am a Storm,” which was also Emmy Rossum’s directorial debut (and a fine one at that!).

Fiona’s Reign of Terror

Fiona’s in the midst of making major changes at Patsy’s. She’s keeping the place open 24/7 in an attempt to catch patrons who are leaving the clubs, and after a tip from her competition, she decides to throw a theme party and secretly serve liquor. She’s really trying to make Patsy’s her own and spruce it up, like when she decides to add an outrageously priced artisan grilled cheese to the menu.

That afternoon, Fiona and Debbie once again clash. Everyone else besides Debbie is able to pay their rent, and Fiona lets her know she’ll have to stay at Frank’s homeless shelter if she doesn’t pony up. She gives Debbie an application for a job at a donut shop and Debbie goes to interview there. However, Debbie left Harry at home with Fiona, and when Fiona gets called back into work, she drops Harry off Debbie’s interview, ruining all chances she might have had to get the job.

In the last few seasons, Fiona and Debbie’s bickering has been reasonably accurate to that of a teenage girl and her mother, so I can’t fully say it’s getting too ridiculous. But I do think Fiona’s being extra harsh to Debbie most of the time. Fiona’s not wrong — she told Debbie from the beginning she did not want to take care of her baby, and that having one was going to be more responsibility than Debbie could handle at her age. But at the same time, when Debbie is attempting to secure a job so she can pay you what you asked, why crash her interview and make things exponentially harder? There are layers upon layers of unspoken resentment between these two, and it might take years of therapy to crack.

Later that evening, Fiona returns home and finds Lip chain-smoking at the kitchen table. Fiona starts to talk about work, Lip tells her about his internship, and all seems well. Then, Lip mentions how Carl and Debbie repeatedly called him throughout the day, and he didn’t have time to answer them. This turns into another fight between Fiona and Lip, and Lip belittles her job by saying he has the potential to make REAL money in his career and help the family in the long run. Fiona doesn’t believe he’d care about helping the family, reminding him that regardless of her salary as a restaurant manager, she took several supportive steps to get him to college, where he then drank himself half to death. “In the past 10 years, I’ve taken care of every single Gallagher in this family except one. I’m done,” Fiona says before grabbing her clothes and bedding, opting to sleep in her office at Patsy’s.

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