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Shameless finale recap: Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!

If you were expecting a happy ending, well, that was your fault

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The finale of Shameless was not predictable so much as it was expected. We’ve been following the Gallaghers for six years now, and the series has never been one to tie a neat, shiny bow on its story lines. If you were expecting a happy ending, well, that was your fault.

(And if you watched the episode, head here for a postmortem interview with Jeremy Allen White, a.k.a. Lip.)

Morning chaos

“Familia Supra Gallegorious Omnia!” opens with Frank sabotaging Sean for his role in getting him kicked out of the Gallagher house — and the wedding — for good. Creeping under the porch and through a vent in the middle of the night like the rat he is, he pees in Sean’s boots, puts his toothbrush down his pants, and steals his cash and credit card.

In the morning, Sean realizes what happened and first turns to Carl who, offended, tells him, “I’m not a boot-pisser.” Carl is actually a shirt-ironer — on Dominique’s father’s advice, he’s trying to help out more around the house. Look at how far we’ve come! Anyway, the family figures out it was obviously Frank.

Frank needed the money, after all, for his hitman, Bruno. Frank visits him at his work and asks that he move up the timeline and kill Sean today. But Frank got ripped off: Bruno plays dumb and dares him to go to the cops about it.

Meanwhile, Debs is still waffling over whether to attend Fiona’s wedding. First, though, Frances has a checkup. Her doctor is concerned about Frances’ care — she’s not as clean as she should be, and she’s bruised — but Debs insists that everything is fine, despite the fact that she won’t accept any help at home. The doctor tells her that “infants are a lot of work,” though, and that it’s important that Debs take care of herself, too. Given that Debs cops to having dropped the baby, I was kind of worried that the doctor would get child protective services involved, but she’s safe from that…for now.

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