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Shadowhunters finale recap: Morning Star

Someone joins Valentine on the dark side

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John Medland/Freeform


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Katherine McNamara, Dominic Sherwood, Alberto Rosende
Action, Drama, Fantasy

It’s the Shadowhunters season finale, and the writers tie all of our story lines up into a tidy bow on a lovely package. Then they metaphorically rip that package and toss the bow out the window in the final minutes of the episode with a huge win for Valentine. Is Jace calling his father’s bluff? Or is he truly joining him on the dark side? I guess we’ll find out in season 2

Before he hops through a portal with daddy dearest, Jace grapples with the reality that a horrible man raised and trained him to be a warrior. Evil must run through his veins if he shares the same blood as Valentine. Clary is quick to point out that he also shares her mother’s blood. The only one who really knows what is happening is Jocelyn. The mission? Talk to Camille and make her tell them where she hid the Book of the White, which contains the spell that can wake Clary’s mom. I agree. That woman deserves to be free from her magical orb. She’s been floating around in there for weeks.

Jace and Clary ask for Simon to arrange a meeting with Raphael while Alec confronts his parents. His mother refuses to speak to him not because Alec made out with another guy, but because he made out with a downworlder in front of the entire Institute. Plus, Magnus Bane has a reputation that is questionable. Alec informs the Lightwoods that he is willing to get to know Magnus and they are going to have to deal with the warlock being in his life. He also wants to thank Lydia for saving that life. 

Maryse assumes Lydia is halfway to Idris by now. Alec heads to the study and finds Magnus along the way. Magnus wonders if Alec regrets what he did. Alec technically doesn’t answer the question. Instead, he laments about how things are moving so fast. He opens the door to the study and finds Lydia on the ground. Alec barks for Magnus to get help, which I found very confusing. Isn’t Magnus the one they usually turn to in a time like this? Whatever. Alec burns a healing rune into her arm, and she stirs. Lydia utters one word: Hodge. 

The entire gang gathers around a wall of monitors as Izzy pulls up footage from the study. Everyone is upset that both the cup and Hodge are missing. When Clary questions Hodge’s loyalty, Izzy defends him. Seconds later, she stares as all witness Hodge knock Lydia out and grab the cup. Then they fast forward to his time in Jocelyn’s room. They watch him twist his ring and begin talking, but they can’t see the hologram of Valentine. A new mystery enters the picture. Where did Hodge get the ring?

Jace blames ex-Circle members, and the Lightwoods once again balk. Clary wonders if the forsaken might have smuggled in the ring? Izzy finds the footage and confirms her fear. There’s Hodge, bending over the gross creature who is wearing a ring. Say hello to the traitor. 

This wasn’t a random attack. The demon was a delivery boy. Hodge is now a free man, no longer caged in the Institute for crimes he committed with other Circle members decades ago. He can breathe fresh air down at the docks. Well, maybe the air isn’t so fresh down there, but he’s outside and enjoying his freedom with the other bad guys in Valentine’s army. He hands over the cup and waits in anticipation to see what Valentine will do.

Valentine dips the cup into some red liquid, which is presumably blood. It turns a golden yellow, and Valentine makes his cronies drink. Only the worthy will survive. The first volunteer takes a sip, collapses, and then raises up as a new shadowhunter. He commands the man to find Jonathan and Clarissa. Hodge looks nervous. Why does he want Jace and Clary? He has the cup! Valentine dismisses Hodge. He may be loyal, but he is also a traitor to his friends. He encourages him to run before he changes his mind.

Jace and Alec suit up in the weapons room to go after Hodge. Clary is beside herself. She thinks they need a plan. She thinks Jace’s judgment is clouded. She refuses to let Valentine’s evil poison her boyfriend brother. Besides, how is he supposed to track Hodge? Jace gives her an exasperated look, whips out his phone, and calls Luke. Who needs a tracking spell when you have wolves on your side? 

The wolves lead Jace straight to Hodge. Jace’s emotions are high. He tries to control his anger by having a conversation with his mentor as he slams him against a wall. Hodge explains that this betrayal was the only way for him to be free of his cage. P.S. The Lightwoods kind, of suck and no one will be able to beat Valentine. This statement tips the scales for Jace, and he whips out his double-sided seraph blade. Game on.

Hodge and Jace’s fight culminates in a dramatic fashion: Jace slices off Hodge’s hand. Just as he’s about to deal the final blow, Alec tackles him while Luke grabs Hodge. Alec argues with Jace. Is he going to kill off every Circle member from the old days? What about their parents? Jace is quick to report that the Lightwoods are NOT his parents. As Luke and Alec try and mend Hodge’s stump (gross), Jace takes the severed hand and pulls the magical ring from one of the fingers. He puts it on his own hand and twists. It’s time to chat with a hologram version of dear old dad. 

Valentine is pompous. He claims he knew Jace would steal the ring from Hodge to find him. He’s also proud that his son chopped off the traitor’s hand. He invites Jace to join him as he raises an army of bad boy shadowhunters to fight the Clave. Jace declines the offer. But not before promising that he will find his father and end this foolishness once and for all.

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