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Shades of Blue recap: For I Have Sinned

In the season’s penultimate episode, Harlee and Wozniak barely stay one step ahead of Linklater and the law

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Peter Kramer/NBC

Shades of Blue

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Jennifer Lopez, Warren Kole, Dayo Okeniyi
Crime, Drama

In the aftermath of last week’s stupendously botched fake robbery, Wozniak and Harlee try to land on their feet — but that’s not easy when there’s little solid ground to stand on.

Once the crew realizes Loman’s backup is arriving at the armored truck, everybody bolts. Well, everybody except the second driver because he’s already dead, shot during the firefight. Tufo hastily transports Tess and Joaquin (Michael Drayer) to Dr. Isaiah (Peter Jay Fernandez), the good Samaritan from a few episodes back who provides medical care to the undocumented and uninsured. Meanwhile, Woz and Harlee take the stolen car, along with the cash, and make a break for the drop point. As they speed along, they worry that Loman will turn them all in — a good bet, considering he tried to arrest them a few minutes earlier. But Harlee has faith: She covered for him during the dirty shooting, now he’ll do the same for them.

Suddenly, in the middle of their emotional debate, a car slams into them from the left, flipping them over on to the side of the road. Before Harlee blacks out, she sees a masked figure approaching. When she next comes to, Woz is hauling her out of the car. Despite being slammed with enough force to flatten a four-door and lose consciousness, both detectives emerge unscathed, except for similar rakish cuts on the sides of their faces. Though their good looks remain intact, the money is all gone.

When Baker tells Stahl there’s a casualty at the site of the robbery, he hustles over to the scene, where he finds Loman. Once Stahl learns the detective belongs to the 64th precinct, he marks him as an accomplice to the rest of Harlee’s no-good crew. He cuffs him and takes him in for questioning.

Harlee and Woz get to a drug store and clean themselves up in the bathroom, where they get a call from Linklater. Their partner is seething because the Feds are raiding the airstrip where they were keeping their captive. Someone’s double-crossed him, and he’s looking at Woz and the rest of his team. When Woz tells him the money’s been stolen, Linklater is ready to bury them all. But he needs his cash back, so he arranges a white flag meeting instead. After the call, Woz shares his evolving theory: Donnie is behind all of this. He needed the money to pay for a real estate deal that went south, and his cut alone wouldn’t be enough. Woz is under no illusions that his man would put their lives above his own ends. Plus, whoever hit their car did so in the same manner the police use to stop fleeing suspects. It was a cop who stole the money.

The whole ragtag bunch — Woz, Harlee, Donnie, and Linklater — meet for dim sum in Queens. Donnie is enraged when he hears his nephew, Joaquin, is currently under the knife. Linklater trusts Donnie, however, and lays the blame at Woz’s feet. The lieutenant has 24 hours to recover the cash. (The “or else” is implied.)

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