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Shades of Blue recap: The Breach

The crew sets out to bag their millions — but unforeseen complications arise

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Peter Kramer/NBC

Shades of Blue

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Jennifer Lopez, Warren Kole, Dayo Okeniyi
Crime, Drama

Shades of Blue’s last episode ended with a kiss, and this week’s starts out even steamier. In the opening scene, Harlee and Stahl writhe around in his bedroom — and we’re not the only ones watching. Wozniak is keeping tabs on Stahl, and through the agent’s opaque glass windows, the lieutenant can see someone’s getting busy. Minutes later, he watches as Stahl ushers NYPD’s finest out of the building. Stunned, Woz gets out of his car to confront her… only to realize, after calling her name, that it isn’t Harlee at all. It’s the look-alike escort from a few episodes ago, whom Stahl is apparently still seeing. The gross-out factor with this guy continues to climb to new heights.

We go right from one creepy secret meeting to another: Zepeda is out to dinner with Cristina, trying to convince her he’s really her father, and that she should let him into her life. Those bruises Cristina saw covering her mother’s face? “She fell down the stairs.” Dumb-dumb that she is, Cristina falls for this one hook, line, and sinker. Laying it on even thicker, Zepeda tells his daughter that, had he been around, she would have much more family looking out for her. Cristina replies that she does have family: Aunt Tess, Uncle Tufo, Uncle Woz. That last name gets Zepeda’s attention. He already suspects Wozniak of conspiring in his arrest, and discovering the lieutenant has been an integral part of Cristina’s life doesn’t exactly make him feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

After a quick conference with the rest of her crew to go over the plan for the robbery, the real Harlee meets up with Stahl to relay the details. Getting more and more trepidatious, she wants to confirm her fellow officers’ immunity. Stahl says the only way the US Attorney will grant that kind of deal is if Harlee also gives up the name of the big shot who’s orchestrating this whole operation. Oh, and she’ll have to wear a wire again. But look at the bright side: As Stahl puts it, “This is the last big risk you’ll have to take.” How many heist movies have been founded on that hopeful premise?

Back at the precinct, Espada brings Woz the results of a license plate scan he ran on Harlee’s dopplegänger from the night before. She’s a working girl who bears a resemblance to their partner (at least in the logic of the show — personally, I don’t see it). Woz starts to piece together why Stahl is keeping company with this particular lovely lady.

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Meanwhile, Tess and Loman go to question the bartender at the kinky club where they found the asphyxiated proprietor the day before. The bartender tells them that before he died, the owner was planning to sell the place to two investors, by the names of Joaquin and Miles. As some commenters pointed out last week, that was Joaquin (the armored truck driver) we saw sneaking out of the club.

The hour is growing later, and the Feds are getting their team assembled for the sting. Harlee calls Stahl once more to ask about her crew’s immunity. Desperate and guilty, she finally gives up their ringleader: DEA agent Terrence Linklater (Stephen Lang). Smirking, Stahl walks back into the Feds’ situation room… and tells the other officers he wants every dirty cop brought in. No one gets immunity except Harlee.

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