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Sense8 recap: Demons

Nyx finally comes after Riley and Sun is in prison, but that doesn’t stop the sensates from getting down and dirty.

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Drama, Sci-fi
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Daryl Hannah, Naveen Andrews, Jamie Clayton
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I’ve mentioned in my recaps of the previous episodes of Sense8 that underneath all of the drugs, cover-ups, robberies, and shootouts, the show is proving to be a wonderful celebration of humanity. The sixth episode of the season, “Demons,” is the most obvious example of that ethos so far. It’s an episode brimming with love and empathy, with shared experience and culture. Plus it culminates in a cross-continental sensate vision orgy, so hey, love and lust for everybody!

Of course, not everything is sunshine and orgies for the sensates. In fact, Riley, who’s had little to do this season other than listen to The Antlers, is in serious danger. Holed up in an apartment with her friends, she’s tracked down by Nyx, who’s finally come looking for his drugs and money. Riley tells him she got rid of the cash and the drugs (which she did!), but that doesn’t satisfy Nyx.

What follows is the darkest, most uncomfortable scene of the season so far and the first time Sense8 has really established how dire the consequences are for the sensates. Nyx has his henchmen hold Riley down while he wraps a plastic bag around her head and asks her over and over again where the money is. There’s nothing she can tell him though, and Nyx won’t let up.

At the last minute, Will visits and takes over. In Chicago he’s struggling to breathe and beating off his fellow cops, who all think he’s going crazy, but in London he’s breaking the fingers of the henchmen and smashing Nyx’s face in. His intervention allows Riley to escape, but that’s likely not the last we’ve seen of Nyx.

Everywhere else there is love and compassion, even as bad things swirl around the sensates. For instance, right before Nyx finds Riley she visits with Will and shares a beer with him. They talk about what’s happening to them, about where they live and what they do. It’s a scene that’s brimming with that feeling of first love; of that all-consuming warmth you feel when you connect with someone immediately.

Kala and Wolfgang are going through similar, if more explicit motions. The morning after fainting at her wedding, Kala is getting dressed when Wolfgang visits her only moments before she is meant to meet her husband/almost-husband. Wolfgang has some fun lying in bed naked and talking about how the Germans are much more comfortable with nudity while Kala lambasts him for ruining her life.

“You didn’t want to marry that guy,” he says, and Kala knows it’s true but just can’t admit it yet. Wolfgang and Kala’s story lines have been the least compelling so far this season, mostly because not a lot has happened with them. In this episode though they show off their chemistry. The strange love story of Wolfgang and Kala, which also has a lot to do with how culture and religion shapes our understanding of sexuality and desire, finally gets some time to shine and the show is better for it.

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